2016 Urban Innovative Actions Initiative – 1st Call for Proposals ( EUR 5 million Co-Financing Funds)

Urban Innovative Actions Initiative 2016 – 1st Call for Proposals ( EUR 5 million Co-Financing Funds)

Deadline: March 31, 2016

The Urban Innovative Actions Initiative have announced a call for proposals, to select projects testing bold and unproven ideas on the following topics:

  • Energy transition
  • Integration of migrants and refugees
  • Jobs and skills in the local economy
  • Urban poverty with a focus on deprived neighbourhoods

As UIA will also be a laboratory for new ideas, the Commission aims to encourage novel experimentation which draws on experience in a variety of disciplines. For that reason, the Commission has avoided being overly prescriptive in terms of describing the types of projects it expects to see proposed. For a more in-depth description of the topics, visit this link here.


Only urban authorities can apply, and they must be located in an EU Member State. They must belong to one of the following categories-

  • Any urban authority of a local administrative unit defined according to the degree of urbanisation as city, town or suburb comprising at least 50 000 inhabitants.
  • Any association or grouping of urban authorities of local administrative units defined according to the degree of urbanisation as city, town or suburb where the total population is at least 50 000 inhabitants; this can include cross-border associations or groupings, associations or groupings in different regions and/or Member States.


Each project can receive up to EUR 5 million co-financing. There is no fixed minimum size for UIA project budgets. However, small projects (i.e. below EUR 1 million) may have a reduced probability of being selected as they may struggle to demonstrate that the actions are of sufficient scale to produce meaningful conclusions.A carefully budgeted grant will be awarded to selected proposals.

How to Apply

The application process is 100% paperless through the use of UIA’s Electronic Exchange Platform (EEP). The application consists of an Application form and a scanned signed Confirmation sheet. It is strongly recommended that applicants fill in the Application Form in clear English, although it may also be submitted in any of the official EU languages.

For more information, view Urban Innovative Actions Initiative