Grant Opportunities

Upto $3,500 grants available under Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise Stream (Canada)

Upto $3,500 grants available under Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise Stream (Canada)

Deadline: 15-Jun-23

Canadian Roots is offering upto $3,500 grants for the Partnership Stream – Entrepreneurship Program in Canada.

CREation is a multi-level funding program that will support strengths-based, community-focused and youth-led projects taking place in communities across Canada. Funding is dispersed through themed streams, which focus on specific funding gaps and needs in communities.

  • There is a priority in this stream to support:
    • New and emerging Indigenous youth-led businesses and social enterprises
    • Existing small Indigenous youth-led businesses and social enterprises that are looking to scale and/or grow
    • There is a priority to fund businesses led by Indigenous youth who also carry Afro-Indigenous and 2SLGBTQ+ identities
Focus Areas
  • Projects should focus on building the capacity of Indigenous youth-led businesses and/or social enterprises. Below are some possible examples of eligible projects. These examples do not include every type of project that they would fund.
    • Building a business plan or strategic growth plan
    • Designing and making new products for a business
    • Developing social media and/or promotional materials
    • Launching or redeveloping a website or platform
    • Supporting ongoing operations of your business
    • Engaging with the community to plan initiatives, programs and/or give-back events
    • Hosting a product launch
    • Working with a business advisor or taking training/capacity-building workshops
Funding Information
  • The Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise Stream will provide small grants of $3,500 to youth-led business and social enterprise projects happening in urban, rural, on-reserve and remote communities across Canada.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Funding in this stream will only fund Indigenous youth-led businesses or social enterprises. Please note: for the purpose of this program, CRE defines Indigenous as status and non-status First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in Canada, living both on and off-reserve.
  • Eligible groups and projects include:
    • Incorporated and unincorporated Indigenous youth-led businesses
    • Indigenous youth-led social enterprises
  • Ineligible groups and projects:
    • Individuals and/or projects that are not led by 2+ Indigenous youth
    • Projects that are not youth-led (or where the majority of the leadership is 30+)
    • Non-Indigenous groups, organizations and/or businesses
    • Non-youth groups, organizations and/or businesses
    • Projects taking place outside of Canada

For more information, visit Canadian Roots.

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