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UNOPS launches the Second Round of Call for Proposals in Lebanon

UNOPS launches the Second Round of Call for Proposals in Lebanon

Deadline: 08-Mar-2024The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is seeking proposals from local officially registered non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, foundations and academic institutions to assist in the operational management and maintenance of Karantina Garden & Jesuit Garden for two years.

SiMA Project Objective(s)
  • More than three years after the Beirut Port explosion on 4 August 2020, Lebanon is facing a more multifaceted crisis than ever before, corroborating the collapse of Lebanon’s political and socio-economic model. This crisis, compounded by the presence of an estimated 1.5 million displaced Syrian refugees and previously the COVID-19 pandemic, has disproportionately affected the lower-income Lebanese and already vulnerable refugees and migrants struggling to meet their basic needs and to access essential services. It also impacted the country’s infrastructure and public institutions.Aiming at improving the living conditions of the affected population within Beirut and Bourj Hammoud municipalities, UNOPS is currently implementing Phases I and II of the project entitled “SIMA” (Sustainable Integrated Municipal Actions) following the Beirut Port Blast.This Project is funded by the German government through KfW Development Bank, and is fully managed by UNOPS as the direct implementer.As part of the preparatory phase of the Project, UNOPS hired the services of Consulting Firms who conducted technical and social assessments, in addition to a series of consultations with the Municipality of Beirut (MoB) and Municipality of Bourj Hammoud (MoBH) and other key stakeholders in order to identify priority areas for sustainable prospective sub-projects. The result of the assessments confirmed that Beirut and Bourj Hammoud areas still have considerable needs in both public and municipal services and infrastructure sectors.
  • The project will contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and outcomes:
  • SDG 3
    • Good Health and Well-being Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
    SDG 5
    • Gender equality Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
    SDG 7
    • Affordable and Clean Energy Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all
    SDG 9
    • Industry, Innovation andBuild resilient infrastructure, promote inclusiveInfrastructureand sustainable industrialization and fosterinnovation
    SDG 11
    • Sustainable cities and communities Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable
    SDG 16
    • Peace, Justice and StrongPromote just, peaceful and inclusive societiesInstitutions
  • Objectives of the Grant/Funding
  • UNOPS is seeking to engage a qualified NGO/CSO (Applicant), through the provision of grants, to attain the below objectives:
    • Objective #1: Alleviating tension among vulnerable communities and marginalized groups, and increasing their resilience, through organizing and implementing social activities (e.g. workshops, community-led events, art exhibitions, concerts, etc..); andObjective #2: Supporting the MoB in reactivating and improving the quality of the public services and establishing an accessible, safe and clean public spaces, through the provision of sustainable operational management and maintenance of the KG leading to attracting visitors, active community members and groups, including students, scouts, and grassroots artists, etc.
  • Scope of the grant/funding
  • The scope of the grant/funding covers the following:
    • Organizing and implementing of social cohesion activities;Provision of operation, routine, preventive and corrective maintenance of all the KG Facilities and installations;Provision of ancillary equipment; andProvision of capacity building and training activities/sessions for the Municipality and the target community, to ensure the continuation of the performance of all the activities in a sustainable manner beyond the grant period.
  • Funding Information
  • Karantina Garden: USD 170,000 to 200,000Jesuit Garden: USD 130,000 to 150,000
  • Duration
  • 2 Year(s)
  • Components
  • The Project includes the following three components:
    • Component One: This component comprises (but is not limited to) the following:Upgrading/rehabilitation of roads to support soft mobility and ensure accessibility and inclusivity, which might include the construction of bike lanes, expansion and construction of sidewalks, and providing accessibility for Persons with Disabilities- PWD, as well as solar street lighting, etc.
      • Upgrading public and communal spaces and gardens, including solar lighting solutions, and Rehabilitation of municipal and public service delivery buildings and infrastructure facilities, including solar energy systems where possible, ensuring an integrative holistic urban approach, inclusive of the different types of sub-projects proposed for implementation throughout consecutive phasing.
      Component Two: This component comprises (but is not limited to) the following:
      • Conducting specialized capacity building activities to improve capacities of the personnel of Municipalities and project partners, namely to complement and strengthen the outcomes under Component One.
      Component Three: This component comprises (but is not limited to) the following:
      • Promoting the operational management and maintenance of the sub-projects to be rehabilitated under component one in addition to other public service delivery buildings & spaces, and social cohesion through the provision of Grants to local CSOs/NGOs.
  • Targeted Impact of the grant/funding
  • The targeted impact of the grant is to enhance and fortify the social cohesion of the target beneficiaries’ community through performing the activities to attain the below outcomes:
    • Introduce and strengthen positive relations between various individuals and groups who participate in the planned activities;Foster social connections and economic links, actively contributing to community engagement and development;Mitigate individual stress factors and facilitate community-building efforts, thereby diminishing inter- and intra- communal tensions;Bolster the sense of safety and security of the community members in public spaces and cause a ripple effect on the surrounding areas; andImprove perceptions by the community of the role of MoB.
  • Target Beneficiaries
  • Karantina Garden
    • The target beneficiaries of this grant are the population living in the Karantina area and its neighborhood. The initial number of 2,000 direct beneficiaries represent the estimated participants in the activities planned in the KG over the grant period. The grant also has an estimate of 10,000 indirect beneficiaries representing the estimated users of the KG when operational.
    Jesuit Garden
    • The target beneficiaries of this grant are the population living in the Rmeil area and its neighborhood. The initial number of 2,000 direct beneficiaries represent the estimated participants in the activities planned in the Jesuit Garden. The grant also has an estimate of 30,000 indirect beneficiaries representing the estimated users of the Garden when operational.
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • The following categories of applicants are eligible to apply under this Call for Proposals:
    • Eligibility to apply is limited to NGOs, CSOs, foundations, and academic institutions that are officially registered and have legal status with the Ministry of InteriorLebanese CSOs and NGOs, no international organization operating locally.No affiliation to political parties.Organizations can apply as a consortium. The evaluation will be done on the cumulative capacity of the consortium to implement activities (An entity participating in a consortium is not eligible to submit an additional, independent proposal).
  • For more information, visit UNOPS.

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