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UNOPS Internships Programme

UNOPS Internships Programme

UNOPS Internships provide exceptional university students and recent graduates of advanced university degree programmes the opportunity to gain practical experience working in a United Nations organization.

Interns perform practical work assignments in a variety of professional fields, applying and developing their skills under the guidance of experienced professionals.


To find out more about internships and volunteering at UNOPS, please click on the below links:


Eligibility criteria

  • Candidates must either be pursuing a university degree such as a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD (or equivalent), or have graduated from university no more than three years prior to applying for the internship.
  • Candidates must specialize in a field relevant to the mission and work of UNOPS
  • Fluency in English is normally essential, but in some regions French or Spanish may be required. Knowledge of other United Nations working languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish or Russian) is an asset
  • Candidates must be able to adapt to new environments and establish and maintain good working relations with individuals of different cultural backgrounds

Interns may be eligible for a monthly stipend from UNOPS provided that they do not receive funds from other institutions. However, they must make their own arrangements for accommodation, travel and medical insurance.

Work experience

It is possible for university graduates to do unpaid work experience at UNOPS without being currently enrolled in an advanced university degree. Interested candidates should submit their applications to internship vacancy announcements.

Application process

All internship opportunities are posted on the UNOPS Global Personnel Recruitment System (GPRS)
To apply to an internship vacancy, applicants must first create an account in the GPRS. Applicants fill in details including personal information, education, experience, languages, skills and other information. This personal profile does not have to be completed in one go, but can be saved and updated on an on-going basis. Create your profile

United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

If you have an undergraduate degree, several years of work experience and are interested in long-term volunteer opportunities in developing countries, you may be eligible for entry into the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme.

This is a United Nations system common programme which recruits volunteers for assignments throughout the United Nations family.


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