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United States: Impact100 Philadelphia Grant Program

United States: Impact100 Philadelphia Grant Program

Deadline: 11-Dec-20

Applications are now open for the Impact100 Philadelphia Grant Program to provide high-impact grants that support a nonprofit organization’s core mission.

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The goal is to address unmet needs in the Philadelphia region and raise the profile of smaller nonprofit organizations. Impact100 grant funds may be spent on necessary infrastructure, staff salaries, primary programs or services, or other expenses that strengthen an organization and enhance its ability to do its core work.

Funding Information

Impact100 announces its funding total and the distribution of $100,000 core mission grants and smaller operating grants.

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Grant funds may not be used for:

Debt reduction, operating deficits, interim or bridge funding, or endowment funding.
Individuals or private foundations.
Activities that are religious or political in nature.
Fund drives, annual appeals, fundraising events, or general capital campaigns.
Eligibility Criteria

Organizations eligible to apply for the Impact100 grant must be:

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Tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, independent of a financial sponsor (local affiliates may apply under the 501(c)(3) of the national organization).
Located in and serve residents of the counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In possession of at least 3 full years (36 months) of independently prepared, audited or reviewed financial statements.
Not a recipient of an Impact100 Philadelphia $100,000 grant in the past three grant cycles.
Priority will be given to organizations that:

Have annual operating budgets above $500,000 and below $5,000,000.
Target under-served populations.
Highlight unmet needs in the region.
Are led by a staff and board that reflect the diversity of the populations they serve.
Will have a high impact on beneficiaries or communities.
Applicants should:

Explain why receiving a Core Mission grant from Impact100 at this juncture would have an especially significant impact for their organization.
Plan to use Impact100’s grant for programs, services, necessary infrastructure, or other initiatives that support the organization’s core mission.
Plan to expend funds within 24 months.
Have a mission and programs or services that focus on one of these areas:
Arts and Culture: cultural programs, participation in the arts, arts education
Education: educational opportunities for children and/or adults
Environment: improvement, preservation, revitalization or awareness of public spaces, facilities, or natural resources
Family: strengthening and enhancing the lives of children and families including seniors
Health & Wellness: improvement of people’s mental and/or physical well-being
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