UNICEF Meena Media Awards 2023 (Bangladesh)

UNICEF Meena Media Awards 2023 (Bangladesh)

Deadline: 30-Nov-23

Submissions are now open for the UNICEF Meena Media Awards 2023 to recognize excellence in journalistic reporting that promotes child rights in Bangladesh media.

The Meena Media Award enters its 18th year in 2023 with the objective to win support for the cause of children from decision-makers and the wider public by promoting journalistic reporting.

  • UNICEF Meena Media Awards (18 years and above)
    • Text (Print/Online)
      • Children are ambassadors of change
        • About children taking action for positive change locally and nationally.
      • Children at risk
        • Child labour, status of street children, children with disabilities, violence and abuse against children and other child protection issues.
      • Climate change and children
        • The impact of climate change on children’s education, health, poverty, migration, the future and more, and ways to deal with it.
      • Education and children
        • Exploring education opportunities, standards, inclusion, literacy, numeracy and more.
      • Gender equality
        • Empowering girls, positive action by girls, boys, women and men to advance gender equality through sports. Child marriage, gender based discrimination and violence.
      • Rohingya refugee children
        • Situation, needs and future dreams of Rohingya refugee children.
      • Child Rights (General Section)
        • This category is for all other child rights related reports that cannot be submitted to other categories.
    • Photography (Print/Online)
      • child rights
    • Video (TV/Online)
      • child rights
  • UNICEF Meena Media Awards (Under 18)
    • Text (Print/Online)
      • child rights
    • Photography (Print/Online)
      • child rights
    • Video (TV/Online)
      • child rights
Award Details
  • The winners of the UNICEF Meena Media Awards (18 years and above) will be awarded Rs 1,00,000 and a crest.
  • The winners of the UNICEF Meena Media Awards (Under 18) will be awarded Rs 50,000 and a crest.
  • Each nominee will receive a certificate.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Submissions for the UNICEF Meena Media awards are solicited for journalistic reporting in support of child rights.
  • Submissions must be:
    • originally published in established Bangladesh media, in English or Bangla, in text, photography or video format between 1 September 2022 and 30 November 2023;
    • produced by persons residing in Bangladesh;
    • journalistically ethical, must not put children at risk, and must respect the dignity of children;
    • submitted digitally, in the format of original publication, and with proof of publication;
    • relevant to the selected submission category;
    • limited to no more than three submissions per person/team in each category;
    • produced by individuals who are not immediate family members of the judges or UNICEF staff.
  • Submissions not adhering to these criteria will be disqualified.

For more information, visit UNICEF.

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