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Une Structure recrute 01 Gender and Sexual Diversity Advisor

Une Structure recrute 01 Gender and Sexual Diversity Advisor

Salaire / mois
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 14 Mars 2018
Description de l’offre

The EU Aid Volunteer will have the following tasks:
The volunteer will be in charge of fostering a meaningful and effective integration of the gender approach and sexual diversity in the interventions of MdM in Dakar region. To pursue this goal, the volunteer’s assignment has the following two objectives:

– Capacity building on gender equality for the field team:

 Identification of knowledge and skills already existing within the team
 Training plan with group activities (workshops at midday) and individual ones (feedback training, working sessions, etc)
 Drafting of a simple handbook for local staff in order to help them integrate the gender equality approach in projects (design and evaluation) and activities (implementation), with specific guidelines to be followed, taking into account the existing resources. This handbook should be adapted to the context and sectors of intervention of MdM in Senegal.

– Guarantee gender mainstreaming in the ongoing projects and the ones to be identified:

 Analysis of gender equality in the ongoing interventions
 Specific and realistic proposals to guarantee gender mainstreaming in the ongoing projects or the ones to be identified
 Capitalization and documentation of the process (report and annex)


HideRequired competences
1. Professional profile: – Expertise in Social Sciences or Health Studies – Wide knowledge of gender issues and sexual diversity – Knowledge of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights – Highly desirable: knowledge of the Right to Health with gender approach – Experience in International Cooperation projects – Experience in designing participatory tools and techniques – Commitment to the intervention lines, values and mission of Medicos del Mundo. – Knowledge of the context (Dakar, Senegal, Sahel) will be an advantage 2. Competence profile: – Teaching and communication skills – Ability of text analysis and drafting – Ability to be organized, adaptability and team work – Dynamic, proactive and flexible – Conscientious and autonomous worker – Proficiency in spoken and written French (minimum C1, C2 will be an advantage) – Fluent in Spanish

HideSelection criteria
Applications are made directly within the sending organisation, please check out the how to apply section.
Eligibility and exception criteria
The candidate for EU Aid Volunteers must be a citizen of the EU or a third country national who is a long-term resident in an EU Member State, and must have a minimum age of 18 years.


Minimum Requirements

HideCondition of service
Learning Opportunities
Through this exclusive experience, we are offering the volunteer the opportunity to learn at different levels. At the professional level, the volunteer will work in close collaboration with an experienced team, what will allow him/her to develop skills of project management, teamwork and interpersonal communication, as well as adding to his/her expertise a cultural/anthropological approach.

Professional growth in managerial skills, capacity building, workshops, monitoring and evaluation tasks, and diverse material production.

MdM team in Senegal is a team with great team spirit and cohesion. At the personal level, the Volunteer, being able to work in close collaboration with the national team, will have the chance to forge enriching professional relationships by constantly sharing knowledge, approaches and different perspectives.

Working and Living Conditions
Living conditions in Dakar are comfortable. All basic and leisure services are easily accesible. The volunteer will be hosted in MdM office and will receive a monthly subsistence allowance (see below).

Working conditions:
• Regular working hours shall not exceed 40 hours per week on average, calculated over a four-month period.
• The volunteer shall have access to a dedicated working space in accordance with their task assignment and with agreed-upon safe, secure and healthy working conditions.
• All costs will be covered for the volunteer during deployment, and this includes travel to-and-back from country of deployment, accommodation in-country for the entire period of deployment, and monthly subsistence payments per month.
• The working calendar will be corresponding to the agenda and system established in the field.

• A single roundtrip flight from and to the home country will be provided.
• The cost of pre-departure preparations, including medical checks, vaccinations, visas, etc., will be covered.
• The volunteer will be covered by a travel insurance plan provided by the sending organization.

The volunteer will regularly receive information, guidance, support, and where appropriate, means (materials and transportation) necessary for performing the functions assigned to them.
A monthly Subsistence Lump Sum of 488,92 Euros per month (whilst in Senegal), which intends to cover basic needs and local transport, will be paid to the EU Aid Volunteer.
In addition, for each month of deployment 100 Euros of post-deployment resettlement allowance is foreseen.
MdM will also cover the training and living expenses during the briefing/induction period of the EU Aid Volunteer in Madrid (approximately 1 month).

HideSelection process
Shortlisting and Interviews
Shortlisting and interviews are expected to take place between 16/03/18 and 30/03/18.

Please note that only completed applications that are submitted through will be considered. Applications should include:
• Completed EUAV application form (in Spanish or French)
• CV in Europass format (in Spanish or French)
• Completed EU Aid Volunteer self-assessment questionnaire (in Spanish or French)
• Motivation Letter (in Spanish or French)

Interview Process
Skype interviews will be held with shortlisted candidates.

The successful candidates will attend a mandatory online and on-site training provided by the EU before her/his deployment.
The on-site training will have a mandatory section for all the candidates as well as some optional modules, to be provided according to the competences of each candidate EU Aid Volunteer and the needs of the hosting organisation.

Please note that all costs incurred in relation to the EU on-site training (EU travel, full-board accommodation, and the course itself) will be fully covered.

This mandatory training will take place in April/May 2018.

Important notice: additional candidates may be shortlisted for a single position and proposed for the EU Aid Volunteers training. This is to ensure that for each position, substitute volunteers may be chosen to replace a candidate in case he or she resigns or is no longer available. Where more than one candidate has been shortlisted for a single position, final selection will take place following the training.

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