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UNDP: Selection of an NGO / CSO for the Development of the Domestic Energy in Chad

UNDP: Selection of an NGO / CSO for the Development of the Domestic Energy in Chad

Deadline: 5-Jun-21

UNDP is calling expressions of Interests for the Selection of an NGO / CSO for the development of the domestic energy component of the project to support the development of energy offers from renewable sources.

The Chad is facing a critical energy deficit limited to only 9% rate population’s access to electricity, with huge disparities between urban and rural areas, a dependency of Chadian households to fuel-wood and charcoal wood in the order of 83%, an access rate to renewable energies lower than 3% according to the energy master plan.

It is for this purpose that the UNDP, funds own, has developed a project of “Support the development of energy source offers renewable”. This project will allow several questions to be addressed simultaneously, including:
The economic and industrial development , with a focus on small and medium businesses that are dependent on the availability of reliable and affordable energy source ;
The health related to the traditional use of biomass for cooking needs whose intoxicating smoke severely millions of housewives and their children from a young age, creating a vicious circle of poverty ;
The empowerment of women , the scope of which is seen by thwarting the time spent in collecting wood for cooking, which could be converted back to the practice of substantial income generating activities ;
The school dropout of girls who are responsible for collecting this wood, especially in rural areas ;
The insecurity inherent in the increasingly sustained remoteness of the wood harvesting areas which acts as an aggravating factor of the risks of sexual violence based on gender ;
The deforestation, environmental issue multiforme, which is a direct consequence of over-cutting of wood for heating.

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The call for expressions of interest will recruit an NGO or an organization of civil society who will be responsible to achieve the following objectives in harmony with the other project stakeholders:

Provide 5,000 people with solar cookers, solar dryers, biomass briquettes, improved high performance stoves ;
Set up a mechanism for the popularization and appropriation of energy solutions among the populations of the commune of Mandalia and certain districts of N’Djamena as well as promoters and mini-businesses working in this sector ;
Set up income-generating activities s for groups of women and young people s relying on sustainable energy solutions s in support of the green economy ;
Support the structuring and ensure the financial education of entrepreneurs and women’s groups ;
Offer sustainable energy solutions to entrepreneurs and women’s groups (market gardening, processing and conservation of products, etc.) ;
Support entrepreneurs and women’s and youth groups to develop business plans taking into account the financing of their energy needs ;
Accompanying studies and analysis s made by consultants hired by UNDP to analyze the energy situation in the municipality of Mandalia, the feasibility studies for the installation of a mini solar system and analysis s risk of investment in renewable energies and in particular solar energy (DREI).
Areas of intervention

The commune of Mandalia in the department of Chari (Province of Chari Baguirmi) has specific characteristics in terms of urbanization, growing energy needs, population density, economic dynamism and proximity to large urban centers.
These are socio-economic criteria necessary to justify any initiative to increase the supply of energy services – which is to be viable from a technical and economic point of view – in a locality with an energy deficit.
The concentration of various forms and of energy options in this type of community will have a shock effect may induce a change in behavior of people an incentive to clean energy and new favorable policies and legislation in this area.
This will create a convergence and effect of concentration that will convince any easier s parties including donor funds on innovative energy model that the project offers.
This area of intervention may extend to N’Djamena on this thematic like baking bricks or grilled meat.

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Energy options innovative s and renewable are identified and put into practice in collaboration with the population’s vulnerable, are small and medium enterprise s and group of women and young s order e support to their needs and easiest ownership new solution s in this field ;
The beneficiaries of new energy deals and renewable are sensitized formed s and structured to make the most of the investments that are made in their favor ;
Groups , households and micro – enterprises are supported in terms of access to energy renewable in order to promote the development of their s activities through the provision of solution s energy viable and affordable ;
The studies and analysis s scheduled are part of the baseline, the analysis feasibility of installing a mini – solar plant and the risks of investing in the solar energy are supported are receive thematic and technical field orientation ;
Management mechanisms , ownership and sustainability of e using the mini – solar plant are identified s together with the other party ‘s stakeholders, accompanied, supported s and maintained by NGOs / CSOs.
Eligibility Criteria

The call for proposals is open to organizations and groups of civil society in Chad, and approved by the competent authority working in the field of environment, energy, environmental awareness, the development local and community resilience.
This call is not open to commercial companies, established for profit.
Selection Criteria

The selection criteria focus on the following:

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Experiences organization
General organizational capacity likely to positively affect the execution of the project ;
General experience in the exercise of civil society activities ;
At least 5 years of proven experience in local development projects , environmental awareness, domestic energy and environmental protection ;
At least 3 years’ experience in the field of awareness of local communities, the community resilience, the socio-economic activities with women and young people in particular ;
An experience of partnership with United Nations Agencies or any other international organization e is an asset.
Have an authorization to operate granted by the competent services of the State ;
Have an organizational and institutional structure capable of carrying out the proposed activities and managing the related funds : Organizational chart of the structure, mechanisms or control bodies, existence of an accounting service with the required capacities, of a manager with an adequate profile, etc. ;
Justify technical capacities for the conduct of activities: Number and quality of experience in the field, capacity to align experts experienced in the field, justify a sufficient presence in the field and control the work environment.
Project analysis
Alignment of the proposed activities with the results already stated in this call for proposals ;
Relevance of the activities and results proposed in relation to the expected objectives ;
Respect for the field of competence of civil society organizations ;
Innovation and creativity;
Expertise of NGOs, CSOs in the fields of intervention (Energy, environment, socio-economic activities of women, community resilience, awareness, socio-economic evaluation.);
Integration of the gender dimension ;
Financial evaluation.
For more information, visit https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=78823

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