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UNDP seeking Proposals for Developing & Disseminating 20 Episodes of Radio Programme on Core Functions of Parliament – Nepal

UNDP seeking Proposals for Developing & Disseminating 20 Episodes of Radio Programme on Core Functions of Parliament – Nepal

Deadline: 20 May 2020

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is seeking proposals for Developing and Disseminating 20 episodes of radio programme on core functions of parliaments for Parliament Support Project (PSP).

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The PSP Project aims to continue the engagement with media partner to disseminate parliamentary information to greater public and bring their voices to the parliament for strengthening parliamentary outreach by ensuring federal and provincial dialogue along with promoting accountability of the Parliamentarians towards the public.


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The objectives of Radio Programme on Parliamentary Business, Law making, and oversight issues will be as follows:

To make public understand the parliamentary affairs including the proposed Bills in course of law-making and encourage them to engage in it.
To strengthen parliamentary outreach and openness by ensuring provincial/constituency level dialogue with focus on the marginalized groups.
To provide as an avenue to advocate for, inform and educate the public on parliamentary affairs and communicate their concerns to parliaments, including on the situations created by the Corona pandemic.
Duties and Responsibilities

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To develop 20 robust magazine format programmes of about 25-30 minutes with slots such as a field-based live discussion, report on thematic issue, expert’s take, Committee/MP’s say, public say etc.
To develop the program in an innovative way covering the anticipated thematic areas, the parliament representation and public participation to produce the episodes for dissemination.
To select, in close consultation with PSP team, well-received experts on the thematic issues to analyse the proposed bills.
To collect at least 5 (per programme) representative feedback, personal stories of motivation, questions on any thematic areas from people in each radio-based district and document them for submission to and answers from MPs/Parliament Committees and Secretariat.
To document all these feedbacks and their response in form of an ‘Open Mike’ or similar publication.
Of all 20 programmes, produce field-based programmes.
To disseminate jingles about forthcoming programmes and broadcast the programmes through 77 FMs on a prime time in 77 districts.
To ensure diverse participation including women and marginalized communities and youths to add the value to the product.
To ensure use of Video Conferencing Facility (VCF) in the provinces (Karnali, Gandaki And Sudurpaschim Provinces) during the public- MPs’ discussions as per suitability and relevancy.
Coordinate with project team and other relevant stakeholders on a regular basis.

The consulting firm will work as the program facilitator and disseminate 20 episodes of radio programmes on various thematic areas.
The radio will take full charge of conducting public hearing after the research on committee performances of the Provinces till date and will explore the works undone. Such areas of focus may include the issues on postpandemic recovery, justice and human rights issues, among others.
The selected Bills from Federal Parliament and Provincial Assemblies will be analyzed by independent experts with the contribution from PSP and Radio will ensure a lively discussion from multiple angles.
For the preparation and selection of each thematic area of the programme, discussion topics will be decided quite in advance by forming a Content Advisory Team. The modality of the programme production will be finalized in coordination with the PSP team.
Within the period of broadcast, people from different stakeholder communities and geography will have their voices/say recorded and that will be forwarded to the concerned MPs, parliament committees or the other relevant authorities for their response.
The designated field-based programmes on the anticipated thematic areas will be developed by ensuring inperson participation of the Provincial Assemblies or MPs from the concerned constituencies. However, in the event of any situations beyond control due to pandemic, the field-based activities may be reprogrammed in consultation with the PSP team.
The PSP team in the field will support the radio team for the necessary coordination with the Provincial Assemblies as and when required.
The documentation will be ensured, and it will be a tool to measure output as monitoring of the impacts will be featured in this documentation. In addition to the coordination support to the radio, the project will implement the cost effective and cost sharing modality in program development and dissemination, wherever possible.
Expected Results/Final Products/Deliverables

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20 episodes broadcasted covering various thematic areas and at least 10 field-based programmes. Over 100 submissions in form of questions, suggestions, inputs on the bills or any other issue of governance, SDGs, gender equality and parliamentary accountability, and the responses on them from the relevant authorities.
A good documentation of these submissions and its sharing with parliamentarians and/or with secretariat. The Audio files will be submitted during final submission. This apart, a 5-minute video based on the overall activities, particularly form field will be developed and submitted.
Eligibility Criteria

The aspiring organization must have working experience in following areas.
The consulting firm should have a proven expertise in the fields of radio broadcasting
More than five years of work experience in the respective fields.
The consulting firm must have a very good network of local FM radios in 77 districts and a system of monitoring in place. Such network should be substantiated by documentary evidence, at least a commitment letter, if the original document could not be obtained.
The consulting firm should have a sound team of experts in programme production, facilitation, scripting and parliamentary reporting/engagement.
Previous experience on programmes with MPs or on parliament issues will be an added advantage.
Team Leader/Coordinator
The Team leader should have a university degree in journalism, political science, law and/or any other relevant stream.
Minimum of 7 years’ experience on audio/visual programme production and broadcasting
Proven track record of similar successful projects in parliamentary domain (evidenced by documentation).
The team leader should have effective team management and mobilization skills. · Proficient in English and Nepali language, both spoken and written.
Programme Producer
The producer should have a university degree in Journalism, political science, law and/or any other relevant stream.
Minimum of 5 years’ experience on audio/visual programme production and broadcasting including and news reporting.
Proven track record of similar successful projects in parliamentary affairs and has effective analytical skills to research and analyse the pertinent issues on Parliament affairs.
Proficient in English and Nepali language, both spoken and written.
Minimum 3 years of experience in parliamentary reporting
Bachelor’s degree in relevant stream
Proficient in English and Nepali language, both spoken and written.
Language Requirements

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Proficient in English and Nepali language, both spoken and written.

Documents Required

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Registration certificate
VAT certificate
Profile of the organizations
Proof of previous works
Latest audit report
CV of the resource persons
Technical Proposal
Financial Proposal in separate envelope
For more information, visit https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=65583

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