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UNDP RFP: Providing Support for Strengthened Food and Nutrition Security in Papua New Guinea

UNDP RFP: Providing Support for Strengthened Food and Nutrition Security in Papua New Guinea

Deadline: 10-Feb-22

The United Nations Development Programme is requesting proposals for providing support for Strengthened Food and Nutrition Security in Papua New Guinea.

The NGO/Firm selected will work closely with the project team and project experts as well as review the existing documents prepared by project experts to implement the activities within the sustainable agriculture component of the project.

Specific Objectives
Under the overall supervision of the Environment Lead and direct oversight of the UNDP International Technical Advisor and the technical guidance of the CCDA and in close coordination with Enga Provincial Administration, an NGO or a firm will be selected to be responsible for conducting set of activities for Strengthened food and nutrition security in the province and achieve following results:

Strengthen community-based research and innovation for climate compatible agricultural development.
Climate compatible coffee production strengthened.
Component 1: Improved climate change mitigation and adaptation. This component will focus principally on delivering improvements in the status of climate change mitigation and adaption by strengthening its integration into the development planning framework, supporting the development and early implementation of climate compatible provincial and district development plans, including the development of effective financing mechanisms to support climate mitigation, adaptation and disaster risk management activities.
Component 2: Strengthened food and nutrition security. This component will focus on strengthening food and nutritional security within Enga through engagement with both key commercial value chains and subsistence farmers to improve cultivation techniques and help integrate new crops and produce within production systems.
Component 3: Improved Biodiversity and land/forest ecosystems conservation, restoration and sustainable use. This component focuses on enhanced action on conservation, restoration and sustainable use of high value areas within the landscape
Key Performance Indicators and Service Level
The following are main indicators for the assignment:

Develop four training materials (pre-cultivation, cultivation, harvesting and post-harvest) covering most prominent crops for each.
10,000 farmers trained through farmers’ schools and delivery on the field.
Monitoring and feedback process for lead farmers established
2,000 small-scale farmers supported for adopting sustainable and resilient agriculture practices.
A multi-stakeholder Coffee Platform in Enga Province to strengthen private sector partnerships.
One policy and regulations to support Sustainable Coffee Production at the national and provincial levels
10 Low-Value grant applications developed.
This shall include the following:

The duty of care of all its personnel in the Papua New Guinea, including the welfare of its staff, including payment of salaries, medical insurance, medical and casualty evacuation in the event of a security breakdown.
Arrangements for logistics across all aspects of the assignment, including in-country transportation for its operations, accommodation and any visa requirements.
Security for all its personnel and assets. Neither the UNDP nor its national partners shall provide security facilities or be liable for any individual and material damage.
Ensure adequate communication with UNDP.
The main project staff should be based in Enga province.
For more information, visit https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=87479

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