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UNDP inviting CSOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina

UNDP inviting CSOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deadline: 31-May-22

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is inviting all civil society organizations (CSOs) from Bosnia and Herzegovina to submit project proposals related to the development goals of the City of East Sarajevo.

The overall goal of this call is to further strengthen the partnership between civil society organizations and local self-government by building awareness of the benefits of mutual cooperation and encouraging sustainable dialogue, all with the aim of providing better services to the local community.

The specific goal is the solution of the problem, which in a broader definition describes the desired achievement of the project. Objectives are identifiable project products, presented in such a way that it can be determined whether and to what level the project has been realized. For example, if the overall goal is the establishment of a youth council at the level of the entire BiH, then the specific goal is the establishment of a municipal youth council, strengthening its structure, networking, etc. A project proposal usually has 1 or 2 goals depending on the size of the project.

Thematic areas, such as social services for the most vulnerable, social inclusion, gender equality, environmental protection, human rights and the like are the focus of the ReLOaD2 project.

The overall goal of the project is the basis of the problem to which the project approaches and the importance of the project, for example the long-term usefulness of the project for the target group. The rules for determining the overall project objective are:

Each project can have only one overall goal
The overall goal should be related to the development vision
Although it is difficult or even impossible to measure the success of the overall goal through measurable indicators, it should still be possible to determine its contribution to the realization of the vision
Funding Information
Amounts of financial resources (grants) for projects
The value of the project proposals to be awarded under this call must be between the following minimum and maximum amount:
minimum amount: 10,000.00 KM
maximum amount: 70,000.00 KM
One civil society organization can submit several project proposals within one or more public calls, with the maximum amount of funds which can be awarded for the implementation of projects to a civil society organization during the total duration of the ReLOaD2 project 120,000.00 KM.

Specific: clearly defined what, where, when, how and for whom the situation will change; clearly define gender classification
Measurable: that it is possible to quantify goals and benefits; that it is possible to analyze the benefits for both sexes
Achievable: that it is possible to achieve the goals (taking into account the resources and capacities available to the community)
Realistic: that it is possible to achieve a level of change that reflects the goal
Time-limited: specify the time period in which each will be realized
Targeted Groups
Please clearly define the target group and its needs. Provide measurable indicators of the usefulness of the project proposal for the specified target group.
Please list all parties involved such as intermediate and final beneficiaries of the project. Also, if the project involves returnees, displaced, marginalized and vulnerable groups, please provide accurate data.
Please ensure gender equality when presenting indicators (always indicate the number of women, men and children); Specify the target group and indicate how they will benefit from the project.
The project should contain a detailed description of the size and importance of the target group, ie the person who will directly benefit from the project.
For more information, visit https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=91283

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