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UNDP Call for Proposals to support Rural Communities & Enterprises (Georgia)

UNDP Call for Proposals to support Rural Communities & Enterprises (Georgia)

Deadline: 23-Nov-20

UNDP has announced a Call for Proposals to support rural communities and enterprises in harnessing the benefits from the digital economy, reaping the opportunities offered by digitization and adapting rapidly to new reality during and in aftermath COVID-19 crisis through improved digital skills and capacities.

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The proposal should address the following key objectives:

Development of digital skills course for the rural population with a particular focus on youth, women and deliver the virtual course for rural youth, women and other vulnerable community members.
Development of digital skills course for rural enterprises and delivering the virtual course for micro, small and medium-sized businesses.
Create Open Educational Resource (OER) in digitals skills for rural communities (including youth, women and other vulnerable groups) and enterprises with consideration of the rural context of Georgia (access to digital infrastructure, existing skills and service uptake).
Funding Information

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Any funds requested for the grant(s) under this Call for Proposals must fall between the following minimum and maximum amounts:

Minimum amount: USD 30,000.
Maximum amount: USD 55,000.
Ineligible Funding

Debts and debt service charges (interest);
Provisions for losses or potential future liabilities;
Costs financed by another action or work programme receiving EU and UNDP funding;
Purchases of land or buildings;
Purchase of luxury goods and gambling equipment;
Purchase of agriculture commodities, motor vehicles or pharmaceuticals;
Purchase of used equipment;
Currency exchange losses;
Related to any type of maintenance;
Daily allowances (per diem);
Utilities and office rent;
Credit to third parties;
Salary costs of the GoG personnel;
Related to participation (by project staff) in workshops, seminars, conferences and congresses;
Scholarships for studies or training courses for project staff;
Any indirect costs.
Who can Apply?

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Registered non-profit (non-commercial) legal entities are invited to apply for this Call for Proposals, except religious and political organizations and those owned by the Government entities. Entities should be registered in accordance with the legal requirements of the Government of Georgia, must be able to provide the organization’s statute and the debt certificate.
All applicant organizations must demonstrate proven experience and capabilities in carrying out capacity building sessions for rural communities (preferably in digital skills development and for rural vulnerable groups and enterprises), including but not limited to: course development, delivery, evaluation, development of Open Educational Resources (OERs).
Proposal Submission

Those wishing to participate:

Must submit filled Grant Application form in line with the goals and directions determined in this Call of Proposals and provide as an attachment of the application additional documents:
Partnership Memorandums with a partner organization(s) (if applicable);
CVs/Resumes of the proposed staff to be engaged in grant implementation;
At least 2 reference letters from partners or clients;
Note from Revenue Service on tax obligations;
Extract from the public register for primary and (if applicable) for co-applicants;
Separate account requisites which will be used only for grant project operations.
Note: Other restrictions may apply, specified before selection of successful projects

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