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UN Women announces Call for Proposals “Women’s Economic Empowerment” – Serbia

UN Women announces Call for Proposals “Women’s Economic Empowerment” – Serbia


Deadline: 24 February 2020

UN Women Office in Serbia is inviting civil society organizations (CSOs) that have gender equality, women’s rights and/or anti discrimination set as one of the organization’s goals in Statute to submit proposals.

The Call for Proposals is launched in support of women’s economic empowerment, under the “Support to Priority Actions for Gender Equality in Serbia” Project. The European Union has earmarked funds for supporting 5 projects to be implemented throughout Serbia. These projects are to contribute to the implementation of the National Strategy for Gender Equality 2016-2020, more specifically related to the improvement of position of women in the labour market, women’s entrepreneurship and improvement of the position of rural women.


Women’s CSOs will be supported to implement measures contributing to only one of the following specific objectives:

The empowerment of women in the labour market and strengthening of women entrepreneurship, in line with the National Strategy for Gender Equality. Improve women’s economic and labour market status, with special focus on multiple discriminated and vulnerable groups of women (women with disabilities, women older than 45, women with children with disabilities, rural women etc.); or
Improvement of the position of rural women, in line with the National Strategy for Gender Equality. Women and men in rural areas actively and equally contribute to development and have equal access to development results.

Grant Information

The budget range for this proposal should be 25,000 – 30,000 EUR.
The proposals are expected to cover a period of 9 months.

Eligibility Criteria

Technical/functional competencies required:
Proven experience in promoting gender equality and working towards the economic empowerment of women;
Proven experience in management of projects related to economic empowerment of women and/or gender equality;
Language: Serbian. Knowledge of English.
Other competencies, which while not required, can be an asset for the performance of services:
Good knowledge of gender equality and women’s rights issues, as well as needs of vulnerable and multi-discriminated groups of women;
Knowledge on Serbian legal framework related to gender equality;
Previous experience working with United Nations.

Evaluation Criteria

Organizational capacity:
Organizational experience and proven track record on gender equality and economic empowerment of women;
Proposed staffing (number and expertise) for the services to be delivered;
Relevant experience in partnerships with UN Women, other UN agencies, governments, NGOs, and other development actors.
Relevance of the proposal:
The quality of the context analysis;
Relevance of the problem statement and identification of challenges to be addressed;
Clarity of the specific results expected through engagement;
The quality of proposed indicators, baselines and targets;
Pertinence of the expected results to the Terms of Reference
Implementation strategies and plan:
Relevance of the implementation strategies and innovative approaches;
Suitability of the proposed activities to achieve expected results and address the identified problem(s);
Feasibility of the sequence of all major activities and its time frame.

How to Apply

Technical and financial proposals should be submitted as part of the template for proposal submission in one email with the CFP reference and the clear description of the proposal by the date and time stipulated in the document. If the emails and email attachments are not marked as instructed, UN Women Office in Serbia will assume no responsibility for the misplacement or premature opening of the proposals submitted. The email text body should indicate the name and address of the proponent.

For more information, visit https://eca.unwomen.org/en/news/stories/2020/1/call-for-proposal-womens-economic-empowerment

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