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UK: Triton Knoll Offshore Community Wind Farm Fund

UK: Triton Knoll Offshore Community Wind Farm Fund

Deadline: 1-Jul-22

The Triton Knoll Offshore Community Wind Farm Fund is now open to support projects that improve the lives of people living in communities located within 3km of the landfall location near Anderby Creek and 5km of the onshore substation location near Bicker Fen.

Thematical Areas
Your application will need to support the delivery of at least one of the fund’s three themes:

Enhance the quality of life for local people
Intergenerational projects that bring the community together
Community safety initiatives
Activities that are prosperous, vibrant and improve outcomes for people
Promote community spirit and encourage community activity
Support for meeting places (community centres, village halls, playing fields, church halls)
Helping people from different backgrounds develop strong positive relationships
Enabling people to have the same opportunities regardless of background
Supporting projects that help people to develop new or improve existing skills.
Contribute to vibrant, healthy successful and sustainable communities.
Projects that improve the health and educational outcomes of families living in poverty
Reducing unemployment and raising household incomes
Funding Information
The fund will offer grants of up to £5,000.00.
Organisations can only hold one grant at any one time.
Eligibility Criteria
Eligible Organisations, who can apply for funding include:

Voluntary, community groups
Parish / Community Councils / Town Councils
School PTA
Social enterprises (including credit unions, co-operatives, social firms, and community owned enterprises, community interest companies and development trusts) provided they operate on a not-for-profit basis
National or regional organisations considering applying would need to demonstrate clear local need / demand and benefit, as well as providing evidence of local partnership working.
For more information, visit https://lincolnshirecf.co.uk/grants/

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