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UK: Thomas Wall Trust Grants Program

UK: Thomas Wall Trust Grants Program

Deadline: 15-May-23

The Thomas Wall Trust is welcoming proposals for its Grant Program which targets people experiencing multiple deprivation or other groups demonstrably facing major hurdles to employment, especially; women, people with physical, mental, or learning disabilities, refugees and asylum seekers.

The Thomas Wall Trust believes that communication skills are critical capabilities for people who want to improve their employment prospects, self-confidence, resilience, and life chances.

The Trust recognises that communication is underpinned by a set of key features and skills such as empathy, listening, emotional intelligence, confidence, and clarity, amongst others.

  • Match funded projects
  • Charities that can provide compelling evidence of impact
  • Charities working with collaborative networks
  • Self-sustainable projects, with a view to becoming less reliant on grants in the future.
Funding Information
  • The Trust offer grants up to £5,000 to specific projects or core activities that develop these critical life skills for people from disadvantaged groups.
Eligibility Criteria
  • A UK charity that has been registered with the Charity Commission for at least 3 years
  • A project or running costs for a charity that equips disadvantaged people (aged 18 and over) with the necessary communication skills ready for employment
  • Annual repeat funding for up to 3 years – subject to satisfactory annual reviews of progress and impact
  • The charity’s annual turnover is between £10,000 and £500,000.
  • They do not fund:
    • Organisations with political, lobbying or proselytizing objectives
    • Capital costs (the purchase of land, buildings, construction)
    • Charities that operate outside of the UK
    • Subsidiaries, ‘off shoots’ or franchises of larger charities
    • Hospitals.

For more information, visit Thomas Wall Trust.

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