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U.S. Mission to Serbia: 2021 Support for Speakers Program

U.S. Mission to Serbia: 2021 Support for Speakers Program

Deadline: 13-Jun-21

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to provide program support to implement the U.S. Speakers Program.


The U.S. Speakers Program is aimed at sharing the perspectives of American experts with key audiences in Serbia in order to promote greater understanding in Serbia of U.S. strategic priorities and policies, as well as American society and values.

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Visits by U.S. Speakers might additionally build useful linkages between American and Serbian experts, organizations, and institutions that would help: promote the continued democratic development of Serbia, including through increased civic participation, transparency, respect for human rights, and efforts to eradicate corruption; promote economic growth and thereby fight brain drain, including through innovation, tourism promotion, and research and development (R&D) efforts; contribute to greater regional cooperation and reconciliation; participate in efforts to combat international problems such as cybercrime, terrorism, human trafficking, and climate change; and assist Serbia make progress on the road toward membership in the European Union.

Respected American experts (who must be U.S. citizens) could come to Serbia to engage in any variety of activities: engaging audiences through lectures, workshops, and seminars; taking part in high level conferences; making appearances in foreign media; and/or providing advice or serving as a consultant to local partners.

Program Themes: TBD. Each year, PAS will identify specific themes and audiences, which they will discuss with the grantee, but those will connect to the topics mentioned above.

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Funding Information
Estimated Total Program Funding: $50,000
Award Ceiling: $50,000
Award Floor: $50,000
Length of performance period: Up to 14 months (including the evaluation period).
Anticipated program start date : No earlier than September 1, 2021.
Anticipated Announcement and Federal Award Dates: PAS anticipates that a final funding decision will be made by June 28, 2021.
Applicants responding to this NOFO would be responsible for the following:

Based on detailed strategic priority parameters provided by the Embassy, the recipient will research and provide a list of names and short justifications of potential U.S. Speakers to travel to Serbia on different Program Themes.
Once the Embassy has given its approval, your organization would further vet the Speakers, engaging in due diligence, including reviewing biographical information, conducting online searches, checking references, and following up with professional organizations to ensure the Speakers’ bona fides.
Resumes and available travel dates for potential speakers should be forwarded to the Embassy for review and final approval. PAS will provide further guidance to you on potential organizations and institutions.
In coordination with the Speaker and PAS, you would send a draft schedule for the Embassy’s approval, including topics and types of events at which the speaker will participate, no later than four weeks before the visit.
Your organization would:
manage and process all necessary logistical arrangements for U.S. Speakers, as directed by PAS;
arrange ticketing in accordance with the parameters of the Fly America Act, as directed or approved by PAS;
arrange lodging, per diem, cash advances, and other logistics for international and domestic travel within Serbia (includes ground transportation). Note: This may occasionally involve last minutes changes to itineraries due to conditions on the ground in Serbia;
in conjunction with PAS and, if applicable, other U.S. Embassy personnel, brief the speaker on the schedule and topics to be covered in advance of the visit.
in coordination with PAS, organize any pre- or post-visit activities, such as web chats, filming of short video clips, press interviews, etc;
provide miscellaneous administrative support for speakers as requested by the Public Affairs Section.
After the Speaker program comes to an end, your organization will obtain a summary report (in accordance with PAS guidelines provided) from the Speaker to submit to the Public Affairs Section.
Priority Region: Serbia

Participants and Audiences: TBD. Each year, PAS will identify specific themes and audiences, which they will discuss with the grantee, but those will connect to the topics mentioned above. However, in general, audiences could include:
Civil society organizations / non-governmental organizations;
Educational institutions (university and, depending on Embassy priorities, perhaps secondary schools);
Media outlets;
Government offices.
Eligibility Criteria

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The following not-for-profit U.S. entities are eligible to apply:
organizations with experience managing and providing logistical support for international travel by academics, think tank representatives, trainers, or other professionals.
For more information, visit https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=333518

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