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U.S. Mission to Cameroon: Climate Grants Program

U.S. Mission to Cameroon: Climate Grants Program

Deadline: 21-Jul-24

The Political and Economic Section of the U.S. Embassy in Yaoundé, Cameroon, announces an open competition for experienced Cameroon-based Civil Society Organizations that are working in the areas of Environment to submit applications under the FY 2023 Climate Grants Program to advance sustainable landscapes.

Program Objectives 
  • The overall goal is to contribute to the restoration and preservation of the mangrove ecosystems in Cameroon, as a means of enhancing local resilience to climate change and promoting sustainable economic growth.
  • Proposals should address the objectives below:
    • Objective 1: By September 2025, at least 70 % of target population would have carried actions to enhance the coastline’s resilience against storm surges and sea-level rise while preserving the landscape’s ability to sequester carbon, thus maintaining the functionality of the landscape.
    • Objective 2: By September 2025, 50% of target population would have reduced their dependence and the pressure on mangroves through alternative economic practices and sources of fuel.
Funding Information
  • Length of performance period: 12 months
  • Number of awards anticipated: One award
  • Award amounts: $50,000
  • Total available funding: $50,000
Expected Results

Specific results could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Degraded mangroves are conserved.
  • Enhanced community resilience to climate change impacts such as erosion and flooding.
  • Adoption of sustainable livelihood practices that reduce dependence on mangrove resources.
  • Increased participation of women in decision-making processes related to climate adaptation and resource management.
Possible Activities

To achieve the goals and expected results, project activities could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Restore degraded mangrove lands with mangrove trees.
  • Organize workshops/trainings to enlighten the population on sustainable livelihoods practices and the need to diversify.
  • Provide climate related and other trainings for the women.
Participants and Audiences
  • The intended target audiences should be CSOs active in the field of Environment, with specific focus on climate; administrative authorities; local leaders; local populations, including women and the youth.

Priority Region: Littoral Region.

Eligible Applicants
  • The Climate Grants Program is limited to Cameroonian local registered Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with at least two years of experience working in Environment.
  • Organizations and entities with a prior history of poor performance of U.S. government grants are ineligible for this funding.

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