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U.S. Embassy Port Moresby: Public Affairs Small Grant Program 2020

U.S. Embassy Port Moresby: Public Affairs Small Grant Program 2020

Deadline: 18-Sep-20

U.S. Embassy Port Moresby is pleased to announce a funding opportunity under the Public Affairs small grant program.

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Foster media contacts and professional development
Expand STEAM through cultural and educational opportunities
Promote sustainable economic development and women’s economic participation
Develop partnerships and tools to encourage healthy and resilient populations
Priority Goals

A sustainable, Inclusive, Free and Open Economy that Promotes Growth and Mutual Prosperity
An Inclusive and Rules-Based Order that Advances Effective Democratic Governance and Strengthens Civil Society
Safe Access to the Seas, Skies and Land that Promotes a Secure Environment for the Advancement of Commerce and Shared Values within the Region
Sustained Investment in Human Capital that Empowers Individuals and Communities
Funding Information

View and receiving grant information
The floor of Individual Award Amounts: $3,000
The ceiling of Individual Award Amounts: $15,000
Eligible Organizations

Papua New Guinean, Solomon Islands, and Ni-Vanuatu registered not-for-profit, non-governmental, and civil society organizations registered in the countries listed above, with at least two years of programming experience. This experience must be documented in the organization’s proposal.

Project sustainability

Deadline Free Grants
Describe the expected long‐term effects of the project. If the project is intended to continue after the funding from the Embassy ends, the proposal must also contain an explanation how the organization will fund the activity in the future.
Other sources of support for this project:

Please describe the in‐kind contribution of your organization ‐ it can be voluntary work, use of premises, vehicles, classroom supplies, equipment, or payment of a program event from your own funds (e.g. rental of a hall, the printing of announcements, meals, travel, etc.).
Please state which other organizations you have applied to for funding with the same project, and the status of those applications, including the possibilities for co‐funding of the project by other organizations.
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