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U.S. Embassy Lisbon: Seeking Applications for its Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program

U.S. Embassy Lisbon: Seeking Applications for its Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program

Deadline: 31 July 2018

The U.S. Embassy Lisbon Office of Public Affairs (OPA) of the U.S. Department of State is seeking applications for its Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program. This is an Annual Program Statement, outlining funding priorities, the strategic themes and the procedures for submitting requests for funding.

OPA invites proposals from individuals, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, and academic institutions for projects that strengthen the bilateral ties between the U.S. and Portugal.  OPA will only consider grants that have an American component or aspect in their proposal.

Examples of PAS Small Grants Program projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic and professional lectures, seminars and speaker programs;
  • Artistic and cultural workshops, joint performances and exhibitions;
  • Cultural heritage conservation and preservation projects;
  • Professional and academic exchanges and projects;
  • Professional development workshops and training;

Funding Information

  • Total available funding: $90,000 (est. based on current CR)

Priority Program Areas:

  • Security: activities which enhance public support for the bilateral security relationship and/or NATO alliance, counter violent extremism, and/or promote regional/global peace and stability.
  • Trade & Economic Partnership: activities which support the expansion of U.S. exports, and investments, improve the domestic Portuguese business environment, and/or expand business opportunities for women and underserved populations.
  • Transnational, Regional and Global Challenges: activities which support solutions to transnational, regional, and global challenges, including cyber-security, terrorist, and health threats as well as threats to the environment, oceans, and protected lands; as well as cooperation in such areas as space exploration, energy, firefighting, and technology.
  • Azores or Madeira: activities focused on or connected to the Azores or Madeira, which promote economic development and support business and cultural linkages to the U.S.
  • Public Diplomacy: activities which promote people-to people ties between the United States and Portugal, and/or advance U.S. policy and values through media outreach, exchange programs, and public diplomacy.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Public Affairs Section encourages applications from U.S. and Portugal who are:
  • Registered not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizations with programming experience;
  • Individuals;
  • Non-profit or governmental educational institutions

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

Eligible Country: U.S, Portugal

For further information, please visit U.S Embassy Lisbon.

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