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U.S. Embassy in Tanzania: Annual Program Statement

U.S. Embassy in Tanzania: Annual Program Statement

Deadline: 01-Apr-2024The U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam is pleased to announce availability of funding through the Public Diplomacy Section Annual Program to support projects which align with the strategic priorities of the U.S. Mission to Tanzania.

Program Objectives
  • Successful proposals will align with the strategic priorities of the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania as defined below. Their overall goal will be to develop and strengthen partnerships and knowledge sharing between Americans and Tanzanians, as well as institutions in both countries. Project activities must take place principally in Tanzania. Proposals that do not have a significant linkage to advancing shared priorities are unlikely to be considered.
  • U.S. Embassy in Tanzania Strategic Priorities and Initiatives
  • Public Campaign Around Civic Rights – This initiative’s objective seeks to execute a multipronged campaign to increase relevant stakeholders’ confidence in the importance of increasing government transparency and inclusive decision-making, leading to increased democratic participation of the Tanzanian general public, and a more resilient democracy. Proposals in this area should strengthen and reinforce the practice of democratic principles within Tanzania (such as countering gender-based violence and intolerance of marginalized groups) and/or strengthen the capacity of Tanzanian civil society in fostering democratic values.Support Entrepreneurship to Encourage Investment in Tanzania – This initiative’s goal is to increase support for entrepreneurs that work with women, youth and historically underserved communities by creating connections with American peers and experts to share resources, innovative techniques and other tools to strengthen and grow their businesses while expanding their networks and markets.Improve English Proficiency in Tanzania – With improved English proficiency, youth will have more opportunity to expand their professional network and skills for economic self-sufficiency and growth.
  • Funding Information
  • Total available funding: $100,000Award amounts: awards may range from a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $25,000.Length of performance period: 9 to 12 monthsNumber of awards anticipated: 4 – 6 awards (dependent on amounts)Anticipated programs start date: May 1, 2024.
  • Participants and Audiences
  • Proposals must identify a clearly defined target audience that the project seeks to engage and influence and should specify the changes in attitudes or behaviors the project aims to realize, and how the implementer intends to measure these outcomes. Project activities must principally take place in Tanzania and be directed at Tanzanian audiences. Proposals should reflect the applicant’s proven organizational capacity to implement the activities as outlined.
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • The Public Diplomacy Section encourages applications from U.S. and Tanzania:
    • Registered not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/nongovernmental organizations with programming experienceIndividualsNon-profit or governmental educational institutionsNote: U.S. and Tanzanian NGOs may apply, but preference (through merit review) will be given to Tanzanian NGOs or partnerships that develop capacity with Tanzanian civil society.
    For-profit or commercial entities are not eligible to apply.
  • Ineligible
  • The following types of programs are not eligible for funding:Programs relating to partisan political activity;Charitable or development activities;Construction programs;Programs that support specific religious activities;Fund-raising campaigns;Lobbying for specific legislation or programs.
  • For more information, visit U.S. Embassy in Tanzania.

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