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U.S. Department of Justice: Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Program

U.S. Department of Justice: Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Program

Deadline: 18 May 2020

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP) is seeking applications for funding the Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Program. This program furthers the Department’s mission by assisting agencies to develop effective multidisciplinary strategies that combat and prosecute human trafficking.

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The purpose of this solicitation is to select a set of coordinated training and technical assistance providers to deliver a wide range of TTA services to local, state, and tribal jurisdictions, service providers receiving funding under the Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking Program, and others as identified by OJP. TTA providers funded under this solicitation are expected to work in collaboration with other OJP funded TTA programs that offer a range of services to support both crime victims and victim service providers.

This training and technical assistance program will support jurisdictions to:

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Investigate and prosecute acts of severe forms of trafficking in persons and related offenses that occur, in whole or in part, within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.
Train law enforcement personnel how to identify victims of severe forms of trafficking in persons and related offenses.
Educate and train law enforcement personnel in how to establish trust of persons subjected to trafficking and encourage cooperation with prosecution efforts
Objectives and Deliverables

OJP seeks a set of TTA providers that will provide coordinated delivery of national resources, subject matter expertise, and training critical to improving the capacity of state, local, and tribal jurisdictions and service provider partners to implement a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to combat all forms of human trafficking and dismantle criminal trafficking networks.

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The objectives under this solicitation are to:

Provide ongoing TTA (both remotely and onsite) to strengthen the ECM task force approach and build the capacity of existing and future site-based human trafficking task force grantees throughout the duration of their federal funding.
Provide subject matter expertise on a range of current human trafficking policy, investigative techniques, and practice issues for both OJP grantees and nongrantees.
Disseminate materials describing promising practices, organize and convene meetings and forums (as required by OJP), and evaluate and report findings for the benefit of the field.

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Category 1: ECM Task Forces: Capacity Building and Implementation
The TTA provider (to include subject matter experts) will mentor and guide current and future OJP funded anti-trafficking task forces on the core elements of a high functioning ECM task force approach to include: mission and leadership, collaboration, capacity building, defined roles and responsibilities, data collection and information sharing, protocols, and sustainability.
Required Deliverables and Activities:
Peer Liaisons: Recruit, maintain, and facilitate a diverse group of peer experts to work regularly with task forces to provide peer-to-peer advisory support (remotely and onsite) and serve as a liaison between the task forces, OJP, and the TTA provider. The peer experts should have experience in the following areas:
Law Enforcement and Prosecution: Managing successful human trafficking investigations and prosecutions; trauma-informed and victim-centered approaches; developing and implementing various protocols and standard operation procedures specific to human trafficking; information sharing; and use of intelligence and advanced analytical methods.
Cross System Multidisciplinary Collaborative Strategies: Direct involvement in or having facilitation and capacity building skills among diverse, cross system partnerships, especially between law enforcement and victim service providers.
Site Assessments, Support, and Outcomes: Assist OJP with conducting onsite assessments of newly funded task forces over the course of the federal award by engaging directly with sites on strategic planning, implementation strengths and challenges, and outlining specific action steps. Assist OJP with ongoing site progress and programmatic performance. Produce a minimum of six case studies on high functioning multidisciplinary task forces, their experiences, and results. Use peer liaisons and other experts to create and provide tools and onsite TA support to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration, partnerships, and clear documentation of the roles and responsibilities for all task force partners.
Convene Subject Matter Leaders: Under the direction of OJP federal staff, convene a minimum of two national and/or regional events that bring together leaders across core task force disciplines to explore, assess, and identify gaps in emerging issues and training and recommend training solutions.
Category 2: ECM Task Forces: Law Enforcement- and Prosecution-focused Training and Technical Assistance
The TTA provider will provide specific training, expertise, and guidance to increase the organizational capacity of multidisciplinary task forces to conduct a range of practices to better identify victims, connect them to appropriate services, and successfully investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases at the state, federal, and tribal levels. Design and delivery of the TTA must be innovative, interactive, and use adult-learning principles.
Required Deliverables and Activities:
Triage Training Delivery: Coordinate with the Category 1 TTA provider to systematically triage TTA delivery for all active, OJP-funded ECM task forces as well as nongrantee entities seeking assistance to operate an ECM task force.
Training: Develop and deliver a catalog of specialized trainings (both in-person and virtual) and related materials (videos, webinars, online curricula) to address core task force operational topics such as leadership and collaboration, case operations, investigation and prosecution (including innovative or emerging techniques and best practices), service delivery, data collection and analysis, and outreach. Applicants should address how they will incorporate new and existing resources in trainings that may involve multisector or joint training and address a variety of critical and emerging human trafficking topics geared toward line level, command, and executive staff. Applicants are encouraged to work with a diverse set of organizations to inform and deliver a minimum of 15 training events across topics.
Peer-to-Peer Learning: Establish, manage, and financially support a peer-to-peer site vexchange that fosters peer learning across task forces. Newly funded task forces should be able to participate in at least one peer exchange, and applicants may identify any potential peer sites.
Category 3: Preventing Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Through Education Partnerships
The TTA provider will work with state, local, and tribal law enforcement entities to design a human trafficking and child exploitation identification and prevention program for youth, and then train law enforcement to deliver the program in schools
Required Deliverables and Activities:
Develop and Train: Develop a human trafficking identification and prevention curriculum and train law enforcement to deliver the curriculum in schools. Pilot the curriculum in a minimum of two sites and deliver the final curriculum to a minimum of five sites. All sites should be currently OJP-funded, ECM task force locations.
Assess the training’s effectiveness and submit a summary report to OJP on its impact.
Funding Information

Category 1: ECM Task Forces: Capacity Building and Implementation Technical Assistance: OJP expects to award one cooperative agreement up to $1,500,000.
Category 2: ECM Task Forces: Law Enforcement- and Prosecution-focused Training and Technical Assistance: OJP expects to award one cooperative agreement up to $2,500,000.
Category 3: Preventing Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Through Education Partnerships: OJP expects to award one cooperative agreement up to $1,000,000.
The total amount anticipated to be awarded under the solicitation is $5,000,000
The period of performance duration is 36 months
Eligibility Criteria

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Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education
For profit organizations other than small businesses
Private institutions of higher education
Public and State controlled institutions of higher education
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