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Tskaltubo Local Action Group launches 1st Phase of Grants Competition (Georgia)

Tskaltubo Local Action Group launches 1st Phase of Grants Competition (Georgia)

Deadline: 16-Oct-20

The EU-supported Tskaltubo Local Action Group has launched the first phase of Grants competition in Tskaltubo to fund projects that will support local development in the municipality.

Seed Grants
The aim of the grants competition is to improve the socio-economic conditions of the local population in Tskaltubo Municipality, promoting diversification of the economy, and increasing access to basic social services by supporting projects that are in line with the priorities and objectives of the Tskaltubo Local Development Strategy (LDS).

People in Need (PIN), in partnership with the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), is supporting Tskaltubo LAG under the EU-supported ENPARD project “Local Action Group Tskaltubo”. The project is co-funded by the Czech Development Agency (CzDA).


Improving the quality of life of the residents of Tskaltubo Municipality Improving and promoting sustainable economic development Using lobby resources.

Goal 1: A strong and diversified local economy Tasks:
Supporting the creation of new/innovative agricultural products catch;
Improving the quality of agricultural products New techno-Using logs and equipment;
New / Innovative Tourism Services and Pro- for Tskaltubo Support for creating ducts;
Support and improve the creation of household services; Especially in villages far from the center;
Increase awareness of existing / new products and services; Production of products with joint marketing and quality mark Growth support.
Goal 2: Improved social and community(Community) Services Tasks:
Support the creation of new social and community services;
Support for the institutional development of social and community services Capture, material and technical base and access to Improvement, especially in villages far from the center;
Creation of sports-cultural and recreational infrastructure, recreation Habilization and equipping and sustainable, viable, and long-term Support for term services;
Acquisition of professional knowledge and practice for young people Creating a dating opportunity.
Goal 3: Positive environmental practices Tasks:
Increase awareness around environmental issues;
The best environmental practices in agriculture and tourism Share and use Kti Ki;
Support for environmentally oriented services and manufacturing.
Goal 4: Tskaltubo Development Group is a strong and Sustainable place Loba actor Tasks:
Popularize the LEADER approach;
Association of Local Development Groups of Georgia (GALAG) Strengthen partnerships with members;
Establishment of international connections and cooperation;
Organizational strengthening of the Tskaltubo Development Group.
Eligibility Criteria

The grants competition will support business (agricultural, and non-agricultural), as well as public and community projects.
Eligible applicants can be individuals, legal entities registered in Georgia, agricultural cooperatives, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and initiative groups, provided that all submitted projects will be implemented in Tskaltubo Municipality and the applicant agrees with the terms of co-financing.
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