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Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment offers Local Environment Fund

Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment offers Local Environment Fund

Deadline: 19-Jul-21

The Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment (TOE) is offering Local Environment Fund to support Oxfordshire communities to take action to restore nature and promote public access to green space.

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This is TOE’s original grant programme for community groups and other charitable or non-profit organisations throughout Oxfordshire.
Projects that support at least one of the following priorities:
Biodiversity: Projects that create, protect and enhance natural habitats, allowing wildlife to thrive and supporting nature’s recovery; and/or projects that improve the quality, quantity and coverage of voluntary species recording.
Access: Projects that improve public access to green spaces and the countryside, helping people connect with nature. They welcome applications from projects that lock-up carbon, such as tree planting, planting or restoring a community orchard which contribute to both these themes.
Funding Information
Grants of up to £10,000
Eligible Activities
Biodiversity: Eligible biodiversity projects should:
Improve the overall biodiversity of habitats including woodlands, ponds, rivers, meadows, green spaces and the wider countryside.
Improving biodiversity of urban green spaces.
Improve breeding or habitat conditions for particular species, e.g. planting nectar rich plants for bumblebees.
Improve the quality, quantity and/or coverage of voluntary species recording in Oxfordshire and Berkshire
Access: TOE supports projects which improve local green spaces and the accessibility and quality of the rights of way network, including:
Creating new links, circular routes and traffic-free routes
Replacing stiles with gates
Improving path surfaces, signs and route-marking
Promoting the wider use of the countryside and green spaces, and linking with local facilities.
Project Location: TOE’s priority is to support projects located in Oxfordshire, but consideration can be given to projects which straddle the county boundary or which benefit communities in Oxfordshire and its immediate neighbourhood. TOE is keen to see its funds distributed across the county; they are unlikely to support several projects within one community. Projects to be funded through the Landfill Communities Fund must be less than 10 miles from a registered landfill site.
Eligibility Criteria
TOE can fund not-for-profit organisations including voluntary groups, Parish Councils, charities and Community Interest Companies. Local Authorities such as County and District Councils may also apply for grants, but TOE generally prefers applications to be submitted by local community groups or charities.
For more information, visit TOE.
For more information, visit https://www.trustforoxfordshire.org.uk/main-fund

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