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Training : Project Based Learning by UNESCO

Training : Project Based Learning, Participatory Science, Education and Sustainable Development Goals

Hello everyone,

The world is small and I’m sure you ALL will have a person in your network that can be interested on this training.

Training available in English and French

St1 : Project-based Learnng Applied to Participatory Research dedicated to Achievement of Education and Resolution of Sustainable Development Goals

Description in English :

The NGO Objective Sciences International (more than 25 years of experience), who organizes Science Camps for the Schools, Adults, Families, Teens and Kids, within it’s mission on Science Education and Resolution of the Sustainable Development Goals through the organisation of Scientific Travels, and who has the Special Consultative Status to Economic and Social Council of the United Nations,

offer the the community of teachers, national parcs and regional parcs guides, museaum guides, scientific centers, animators, educators and facilitators without limit of age and specialities, for all countries you can come, en French and English,

  • One day Conference at UNESCO
  • Two days of practical workshop in middle of nature close Paris

Thank you for your help to spread this information as widely as possible arround you by email or by posting it on the websites you manage.

Thank you very much, and see you soon !

Thanks for forwarding this information largely all around you.

See you soon on the field of YOUR adventures !
All the team the NGO Objectif Sciences International

Special Consultative Status to
Economic and Social Council of the United Nations
Membre of the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition
Membre of the community of Practices of the International Bureau of Education

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