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Thriving Women Grant Program in the US

Thriving Women Grant Program in the US

Deadline: 7-Dec-22

The Seventh Generation Fund has launched the applications for Thriving Women Grant Program that recognizes and supports Indigenous Peoples’ traditional relationships and responsibilities to land, community, and spirit.

Thriving Women centers and uplifts Indigenous women’s leadership and strategies to reclaim traditional matrilineal lifeways that have sustained and built nations since time immemorial. It recognizes the targeting of Indigenous women and girls as a manifestation of ongoing colonization and the link between extractive industries and violence against Mother Earth.

The program supports grassroots, Indigenous women-led and serving initiatives to prevent and remedy gender oppression including strategies addressing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two Spirit Relatives; uplifts matrilineal centered traditional health and wellness practices (birthkeeping, healing, arts, etc.), bolsters coming-of-age ceremonies; advances multi-generational leadership development, and revives women’s healing and well-being through food systems and land-based practices.

Thriving Women is implemented through the following pathways for gender and social justice:

Birthkeeping, Motherhood, and Kinship
Honoring the Rights of Mother Earth
Reclaiming a World Without Violence Against Women, Girls, and Two-Spirits
Women and Girls’ Cultural Vitality and Leadership.
Funding Information
Grant Award Range: $500 to $50,000 (average grant award: $10,000 – $25,000).
Eligibility Criteria
All applications must be submitted by Indigenous Peoples. Eligible applicants:
Emerge from and are led by the Indigenous Peoples served and who are impacted by the issues, methods, and outcomes.
Nurture and center the culture, language, values, traditional knowledge systems, and healthy lifeways of the Indigenous Peoples involved in and served by the project.
Have 80% or more Indigenous Peoples in decision-making leadership as the Board of Directors or other decision-making entity, and have an Indigenous Executive Director, all Indigenous co-Directors/Project leaders, and Indigenous Peoples engaged throughout all aspects of the organization.
At least 70% of the decision-making body must be Indigenous women-identified (i.e. on the Board of Directors), have an Indigenous woman Executive Director, and all Indigenous women co-Directors/Project leaders.
Are an SGF Affiliate Project, a non-profit with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, a federally-recognized tribal nation project, or have a fiscal sponsor. If fiscally sponsored, the Seventh Generation Fund prioritizes applicants with Indigenous or People of Color fiscal sponsoring organizations.
Have a project budget of <$500,000. Community-based organizing projects are prioritized.
Are in good standing with Seventh Generation Fund without reports due or outstanding issues.
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