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The Top Benefits of a PDF Reader

The Top Benefits of a PDF Reader
Imagine your organization working seamlessly and an important document fails to open in a group meeting. What would you do ? Will you have enough time to convert it into another format ? No wonder, such a situation can be a complete mess, especially if you have a client around. Secondly, when a lot of work has to be managed online, it is important for all the files to work seamlessly. Bear in mind, as organizations are evolving, the importance of using online documents is known to everyone. So if you are still managing a lot of data on the paper, now is the best time to digitize things. The three letters P-D-F must have crossed your mind when looking for a suitable document format.

Unless you have been living under the rock, you will know that the PDF format is secure, editable, and easily shareable. So if you have all of your files in PDF format, you won’t have an embarrassing moment at work. Here, we will highlight a few important benefits of it:

  1. Creates and Easily Shares Files
    The PDF files are easy to create and can be shared within seconds. Even if you want to compile presentations from various formats such as PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheets, and videos into a single file, you can easily get a media-rich PDF. The most intriguing benefit of using the PDF format is, the user can rest assured that everyone with whom the file is shared will easily see its contents without any distortion. Even the PDF creator is easy to use and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to convert different files.
  1. Easy Editing
    For your information, the PDF documents cannot be edited. However, if you use any PDF editor, it will allow you to make changes to the files at any time. For this to happen, you need a simple version of the PDF. However, when you settle for some of the most powerful PDF editors such as optical character recognition, it will allow you to scan or sift through an image-based document without any distortion.

  1. The e-Signing Capabilities
    If you don’t know, PDF Is the only format that comes with the iconic e-signing feature. It is a legally binding contract that allows you to manage the signature on the document. The reason why e-signing has become so popular is that it eradicates the need for paperwork and helps you to rely on the modern form of documentation to put everything online. The e-signature is added for the better security of a document, so all the PDF readers know about it as an authentic source.

  1. Compact File Size

A user can easily remove the size of the PDF file by 25% without making changes to the content. This is a big benefit because, in other formats, it is important that a file goes through some changes for the total size to be small. This is a big issue since some files have to be shared as they are, without any changes made to the content. However, even if the file is changed a little it won’t be more than 100kb.

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