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The Mohn Westlake Arts Engagement Fund – Small Grants (UK)

The Mohn Westlake Arts Engagement Fund – Small Grants (UK)

Deadline: 17-Nov-20

In partnership with The Mohn Westlake Foundation, Leeds Community Foundation has launched the Mohn Westlake Arts Engagement Fund to support projects engaging young people up to the age of 20 or 25 for young people with disabilities in art and the arts that are, or perceive that they are, excluded or disengaged from opportunities to do so.

Seed Grants
Leeds has an array of world leading arts institutions, celebrations and organizations including Opera North, Phoenix Dance, SAA-UK, Leeds West Indian Carnival and Leeds 2023, a year of cultural celebration in Leeds.

Art and the arts a can be defined in a number of ways. In this case they define art and the arts in a broad sense to include a range of activities including but not limited to; film and graphic design, slam poetry, graffiti or DJing.

Arts Forms

Visual Arts – This includes painting, sculpture, photography, galleries and film
Combined Arts – This includes festivals, carnivals, and multidisciplinary arts.
Literature – This includes poetry, fiction, Libraries, life writing (recording of memories, and experiences), spoken word and other forms of creative writing.
Dance – This includes Contemporary, Modern, Hip hop and Ballet amongst various other forms of Dance.
Music – This includes Vocal and Instrumental, song writing and performance
Theatre – This includes plays, musicals, pantomime, performance art, contemporary theatre
Funding Information

Applicants can apply for funding for one, two or three years, and can apply for £500-£2,500 per year.
What can the Fund support?

Leeds Community Foundation is committed to making Leeds a city where everyone can experience and play, and alongside The Mohn Westlake Foundation sees the value in engaging young people to experience art and the arts for its own sake. They are keen to see some of the following outcomes from this Fund:

Increased exploration and expression of identity and self, using art and the arts.
Increased collaboration between traditional and non-traditional arts institutions across Leeds.
Partnership working between third sector organizations focusing on arts engagement for young people.
Increased awareness of the range of arts and cultural offer within the city amongst young people.
Increase in the number of visits to arts and civic institutions by young people.
Increase participation in ongoing arts provision by young people.

Grants will not be awarded to or for:

For-profit organisations, statutory organisations (e.g. schools and hospitals) or overseas organisations 
Retrospective funding (activity and costs that have already taken place) 
Grant-making to other organisations and/or individuals 
Activity targeted at a particular group (ethnic, gender, religious etc.) without a good justification for this 
Activity that promotes a particular political or religious point of view 
Activity primarily for the benefit of animals 
Individuals 
Expeditions or overseas travel 
Capital appeals for building projects
Who can apply?

Community groups, charities, social enterprises or other charitable organizations from the third sector that:

Have a constitution or other relevant governance document.
Have a management committee/board of directors/trustees of at least three unrelated people.
Have a bank account under the name of the group with at least two unrelated signatories (if your organization doesn’t have its own bank account, but does meet all of the other criteria, please contact us to discuss how they can work around this).
Are based in or supporting people living in the Leeds Metropolitan District Area.
Have a Child and young Safeguarding Policy and an Equal Opportunities Policy or similar (information and advice about writing and implementing these can be found here).
If organizing or running public events, festivals etc. groups will be expected to have relevant insurance and comply with all required health and safety, food handling/preparation and other local and national statutory regulations for such activity.
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