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The Assisi Foundation Grant Program – United States

The Assisi Foundation Grant Program – United States

Deadline: 9-Aug-21

The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. is seeking applications for its Grant Program to serve nonprofit organizations that work to improve Memphis and the Mid-South.

Focus Areas

Health and Human Services: The Foundation supports initiatives that enhance the spiritual, mental and physical health and well-being of the Mid-South community. Grantees include organizations that address a variety of social determinants through the provision of direct care, research or preventive measures.
Education and Lifelong learning: The Foundation strives to strengthen our community’s educational well-being through programs that develop tools for life and focus on the awareness and importance of accepting social responsibilities. The Foundation funds nonprofits that build the organizational capacity of provider agencies, provide professional development, promote collaboration, and leverage local, state and federal resources.
Social Justice and Ethics: The Foundation values organizations that help individuals strive to reach their greatest human potential. The Foundation funds projects and programs that strengthen ethical values among Mid-South citizens and promote social justice—initiatives that lead to a better understanding of, and a more effective response to, the economic and social challenges of the community.
Cultural Enrichment and the arts: Seeking to foster an even greater appreciation of Memphis arts and culture, The Foundation supports some of our area’s cultural icons and groups that work to promote the cultural and artistic heritage of the Greater Memphis area.
Community Enhancement and Capacity Building: For grant applications that don’t fit neatly into other named categories, The Foundation welcomes the opportunity to explore activities that offer clear community benefit valued by named beneficiaries; address gaps and promote effectiveness within the socioecological system; and strengthen community resilience.
Eligibility Criteria

Fellows will receive Project and Connect Fund to address Water-related Issues

Apply for Project Funding in areas of Art and Culture (Arab Region)

This Call is offering Seed Money to Research Projects in Africa

Global Humanitarian Initiative seeks applications from anywhere in the world

Unrestricted Grants for improving Health Equity and reducing Health Disparities among Vulnerable Communities

New funding for Small NGOs to fight Infectious Diseases

Grants for Innovative Projects to improve Humanitarian Response

Call for empowering Social Entrepreneurs that are working to achieve the SDGs

This US funding will help NGOs to tackle the Challenges of Coronavirus in 2021

USD 1 million Partnership Fund for SDG Impact Projects

Call for Applications: New Programme focusing on rapid development of Vaccines for protection against new variants

Grassroots International Organizations to receive up to $50,000 under this Grant Cycle

This Program is the answer to the most pressing Questions and compelling Opportunities in Education. Apply Now!

Financial Support for Research Projects that protect and preserve Wildlife

Voluntary Multi-donor Fund offering up to 100,000 USD to NGOs

Many worthwhile organizations and projects in our community need funding. However, to be considered for an Assisi Foundation grant, your organization and project must meet our eligibility requirements. Please review and consider before applying:

IRS Status: Your organization must have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.
Faith nondiscrimination policy: The Assisi Foundation of Memphis acknowledges and appreciates your statements of values and faith that guide the practices of your nonprofit and many other faith-based organizations. If, however, your organization precludes or prohibits individuals of a different faith from participation, or receiving services from your organization, and/or from serving on the staff or governing board of your organization, the Foundation asks that you seek funding from other sources. To clarify further, even if you have volunteers and employees, and serve clients from ALL faith traditions, if you have never had non-Christians on your Board and have no plans to select non-Christians to serve on the board, we ask you to seek funding from other sources.
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