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TGH recruits 01 WASH Technical Design Consultant

TGH recruits 01 WASH Technical Design Consultant

Justifications and Objectives

While TGH Myanmar has developed many Emergency WASH activities in the past 2 years, there is the need for enhanced technical delivery for WASH Services and for strengthening local capacity onsite (remote management context, very limited communication means, etc.), in line with the WASH Cluster objectives and guidelines. This Consultancy Service will provide TGH and RCDF with high-level technical insights that include technical review based on collected field assessments, a selection of technical solutions adapted to Paletwa context, the integration of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) considerations and the respect of WASH Cluster standards and guidance.

Building upon 2 years of experience working in such a hard-to-reach area, the WASH Technical Design Consultancy will develop new technical designs to a variety of WASH activities, including recommendations to be further aligned with Governmental and WASH Cluster requirements, but within the specific context of Paletwa Township.

In addition, this consultancy will assist in technical WASH capacity building to TGH, RCDF and local authorities key WASH staff. It is therefore expected the development of some technical training documents about selected technical options and designs, associated with a technical orientation to TGH WASH Project Manager and WASH Technical Surge Support (to disseminate to Paletwa staff, partners and other stakeholders eventually).
As much as possible, O&M considerations and longer-term WASH technical and management capacity should be part of the expected consultancy outcomes.

At last, recommendations from the WASH technical Design Consultancy will bring an additional insight on potential perspectives for next projects in the context of Paletwa Township (IDP crisis and COVID-19 threats in a very isolated rural area).

Expected Outcomes and Deliverables

This consultancy for WASH Technical Design aims at attaining the following key outcomes:

Technical Design for Community Water Supply System – 25%

  • Quick Technical Review of field assessment and based on coordination with other agencies (ICRC, Municipality, etc.), Samee Town (less than 10,000 inhabitants)
  • Compiling gathered information from HC, IDPs and local authorities about technical, social and financial water supply management in Samee Town (before and during the IDP crisis) – this implies technical coordination with ICRC and other WASH actors (local charities) – and review based on Gov. requirements and WASH Cluster guidance (nexus-oriented approach)
  • BoQs and Drawing Review for one 30,000 gallons Water Tank for Samee Town (in close collaboration with TGH WASH Support staff (engineer background)
  • Quick Assessment of existing options to access water for domestic use (fetching water from the river and ‘watermotorbiking’ in dry season and Emergency Rain Water Collection Systems in rainy season)
  • Assess and recommendations relevant, affordable and sustainable Water Treatment options for Samee Town (for HC, IDPs, Schools and Health Services), at community-level and/or points-of-use
  • Develop a plan of Action for Water Quality Monitoring within the context of Paletwa Township.

Improved Technical Design for Emergency Sanitation – 25%

  • Enhance Technical Design of Emergency Latrines for more suitable, gender-based and inclusive usage and within WASH Cluster guidelines
  • Assess local capacity for regular latrines cleaning, O&M and eventually decommissioning, and recommend most relevant options for proper excreta management, vector control and optimized usage rate
  • Assess options for improved Solid Waste Management for IDP camps, based on existing solutions and local capacity
  • Recommend efforts to develop to further enhance WASH & Inclusion in TGH & RCDF Emergency Projects in Paletwa Township

Enhanced Strategy for Hygiene-related Behaviour Change – 25%

  • Based on review of existing HP activities in Paletwa Township, highlight the main components of an adapted BCC Strategy in IDP Camps, in line with WASH Cluster recommendations
  • Assess the opportunity to start Menstrual Health Management activities in Paletwa Township

COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control – 15%

  • Based on TGH Report on integrated COVID-19 Approach in Paletwa Township, review Technical Design of IPC actions in COVID-19 Quarantine, Health Facilities, IDP Camps and Schools
  • Provide guidance for development of IPC Training content for other actors (teachers, community volunteers, …)

Learning from WASH in Schools Activities – 10%

  • Assess TGH & RCDF technical approach and quality delivery of WASH in Schools activities and propose recommendations for technical improvements – This may also include Temporary Learning Spaces.

At the end of the consultancy, the consultant will:

  • Submit a Technical Report: Findings and Recommendations will be presented in (minimum) 3 to (maximum) 10 pages Technical Report per presented Topic, with appropriate Standard Shemes and BoQ in Appendixes of the Consultancy Report.
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  • For all presented topic, develop rapid PPT Training Documents to TGH WASH Project Manager and WASH Technical Surge Support in English and facilitate 1-day training (to 2 or 3 managers only).


To be proposed in the technical Offer.

Experience / Training

The consultant must have the following skills and experience;

-5-10 years of proven experience on WASH in Emergencies, with senior expertise on Water Supply, Sanitationand Hygiene

-Familiar with SphereMinimum Standards and WASH Cluster requirements ;

-Proven experience in remote technical support ;

-Excellent capacity to provide quick review and to communicate to local stakeholders for capacity building;

-Former WASH experience in South Asia, preferably in Myanmar;

-Fluent in both speaking and written English, including WASH technical terms.

Commitment to TGH’s Child Protection Policy, TGH Anti-fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy as well as Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse is a formal requirement for consultancy.

WASH Experts (National and International) based in Myanmar are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applications from experts team are also welcomed, as long as detailed sharing of roles, relevance and value of such a team design is fully justified in the application. Women are fully encouraged to apply to this consultancy.

Please note that the Consultant should be legally registered. Certificates of professional insurance should be requested before signing the contract.



The WASH Technical Design Consultancyis funded by HARP-Facility Project.

-First installment (30%)of total consultancy fees upon invoice at the signature of contract

-Second Installment (70%) of total consultancy fees upon invoice and satisfactory completion of all deliverables.

The total budget cannot exceed 15,000 USD. The financial offer must be in USD and must consistently include all mandatory costs for a successful assignment.TGH will consider the best Value for Money offer based on usual evaluation grid criteria.

How to apply

All expressions of interest should include:

  • Your updated CV and 2 references
  • A brief Technical Offer (max 3-4 pages underlying your profile’s values, proposed methodology and timeline for the consultancy and if any anticipated limitations/challenges you may note
  • A Financial Offer with daily fees (a one-page budget for all costs, all taxes included)

All applications shall be submitted no later than the 29 December 2020 11:59pm, Myanmar time as follows to the following email addresses:

  • TGH HQ WASH Advisor:
  • TGH Country Director:
  • TGH Paletwa Emergency Program Deputy Coordinator:

The applicant is informed that he/she will have to endorse the principles defined by TGH Code of Conduct and to work in full compliance with TGH ethical policies.

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