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Temasek Foundation announces CFPs for Ecosperity Innovations – Singapore

Temasek Foundation announces CFPs for Ecosperity Innovations – Singapore

Deadline: 31 March 2020

Temasek Foundation has launched its seventh call for proposals for sustainable, innovative solutions to improve liveability.

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Through the Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals, Temasek Foundation funds and supports ideas and innovations for actual application through commercialisation and enterprise, to bring about impactful improvements to the liveability of our world, especially in cities.

Funding Support

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The funding quantum awarded for the project will depend on the extent of work to be carried out.
The project duration can be within or span more than one year, up to a maximum of three years.
The funding support requested for should exclude contributions in kind, existing equipment and the cost of existing manpower, as well as building costs. All expenditure should be budgeted inclusive of any applicable Goods and Services tax at the prevailing rate.
The Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals does not fund early research efforts.
Eligibility Criteria

The Lead Principal Investigator of the programme/project should ideally be based in Singapore.
Interested parties, such as individuals or groups, researchers, collaborators, institutions, organisations or companies, are invited to apply for funding for their project in focal areas such as air, biodiversity, energy, food, infectious disease management, land, noise, waste management, water, and weather and climate.
In line with the aim of eventual commercialisation, applicants are encouraged to work closely with industry partners who can support the scaling-up and operationalising of their technologies.
Solutions can originate from within or outside Singapore, but they have to benefit Singapore, be applicable or adaptable in Singapore.
Solutions that are economically sustainable and have considerable social impact will have an added advantage when they are assessed in competition with others.
Solutions should preferably be at Technology Readiness Level 6 and beyond and/or Proof-of-Value stage. Public health solutions should preferably be at a stage of conducting an implementation trial within the healthcare system in Singapore.
Solutions will be assessed in the following context:
Desirability: Does Singapore need them? Do the solutions benefit Singapore?
Feasibility: Have the Proofs of Concept been completed? How well do they fare against competing technologies?
Viability: Are they commercially viable? Are there distribution channels for or end users or ‘receptacles’ to adopt the solutions already?
One assessment consideration is whether applicants have applied for funding from other grant institutions. Temasek Foundation may seek verification from applicants for the proof of application to other institutions, where applicable.
Through the Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals, Temasek Foundation provides funding for later-stage applied, translational research and development proposals, and/or commercialisation efforts of innovative solutions that address liveability and sustainability issues in Singapore, benefitting and impacting the Singapore community.
Application Guidelines

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Details in the application form which applicants are expected to complete include (but are not limited to) the following:

Details of the applicant/company;
Profile of lead Principal Investigator;
Project duration and other details;
Current issue in Singapore to be addressed and proposed solution;
Competitive advantage of the technology;
Impact of the solution;
Commercial application of the project and potential implementation or industry partners;
Declaration of other funding support;
Detailed write-up of the project;
Proposed budget and use of funding;
Payment milestones; and
Project outcome indicator.
For more information, visit http://www.temasekfoundation-ecosperity.org.sg/#opencall

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