Teach For Hong Kong Fellowship Program

Teach For Hong Kong Fellowship Program


Deadline: 19-Mar-23

The Teach For Hong Kong through its Fellowship Program is looking for young leaders daring to impact education and underprivileged students, starting with one year in classroom.

Via Teach For Hong Kong (TFHK) Fellowship, you will serve as a full-time teacher and try out solutions to address the pressing needs of underprivileged students. You will carry the frontline insights to diverse impactful careers after Fellowship. 180 Fellows have served thousands of underserved students at local high-need schools since 2015. They challenge you to lead yourself, others, and change in this year of impact and growth.

The Fellowship Program begins with the Summer Institute in early July. Summer Institute is a six-week training program, in partnership with Quality School Improvement Project (QSIP) from CUHK, where you will equip skills and knowledge on pedagogy techniques, education innovation, career, and leadership development. It is mandatory for Fellows to attend the Summer Institute in full.

  • Pre-Service Summer Training (Jul-Aug 2023)
    • Basic Teaching skills training
    • Exposure to education innovation
    • Leadership development
  • Teaching Placement (Sep 2023-Jun 2024)
    • Curriculum teaching (50% lower load than regular teachers)
    • Life and Career Guidance
    • Extracurricular Activities
  • Ongoing Development Support (Sep 2023-Jun 2024)
    • Professional development training
    • Leadership coaching
    • Industry mentorship
  • You receive a monthly living stipend of HKD 16,000 during the ten-month Fellowship from September to June.
  • Prior to your service at partner schools, you will receive training from experienced educators from Quality School Improvement Project of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, a long-time training partner since the establishment.
  • Throughout your service, you will be assigned a mentor, who is a current teacher from the partner school you are placed into. The mentor will guide you through your school immersion, and lesson planning and class management responsibilities. Your progress will also be gauged regularly in the forms of lesson observations and surveys. In parallel, the team will closely communicate with schools, as well as to provide feedback and professional development support, in order to help you impact students effectively.
  • Actualize Your Impact Ideas: You will carry out diverse initiatives in the areas of pedagogies & curriculum, global exposure & language learning, social emotional learning, STEM education, financial education, etc.
  • More Than Teaching: As a Fellow, you will drive bottom-up changes in high-need schools by designing and teaching subject classes, leading extracurriculars, mentoring students, and experimenting new initiatives.
  • Comprehensive Support And Training: You are supported by a passionate and experienced team and extensive network that includes senior leaders and Fellowship Alumni in different sectors, on your personal and professional development.
  • Future Development Opportunity: After the Fellowship, you can enter various industries, not limited to education. The alumni pursue career paths in the fields of business, philanthropy, NGOs, technology, etc.
  • Diverse Community: A majority of the Fellows come from local universities, while the rest from overseas universities. They studied a wide range of disciplines. Around 30% joined as young professionals in various industries.
Eligibility Criteria
  • You are eligible to apply as long as you are aged 35 or under and hold a Bachelor’s Degree. According to the employment policies and procedures of local schools in Hong Kong, they currently only accept applicants who have work authorization in Hong Kong.
  • They value diversity in candidates in terms of their academic background, personal experience and learning exposure. Every year, the Fellows come from 30+ disciplines, including Business, Engineering, Law, Science, Social Science, etc.
  • Candidates may only apply to TFHK Fellowship Program once during an admission year but you are welcome to reapply in subsequent years.
  • Teach For Hong Kong is a registered tax-exempt charitable institution. You do not need to pay to join the Fellowship.

For more information, visit Teach For Hong Kong.

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