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Submit Applications for BCTC’s Youth Hubs Initiatives – Canada

Submit Applications for BCTC’s Youth Hubs Initiatives – Canada

Deadline: 29-Jan-21

The British Columbia Touring Council (BCTC) invites proposals from BC-based non-profit organizations to support innovative projects that demonstrate how youth engage in the performing arts and how technology is used in performance-based work.

The Premium Grants Database

Early Grant Information for NGOs

Eligible projects may include in-person and virtual events that incorporate live performance, live streaming, digital media and/or social media platforms.

Funding Information

The amount available per project is up to $4,000. Projects should clearly outline how the funding would be used in their proposed project budget with revenues and expenses included.

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Projects should engage youth and/or support young aspiring emerging artists and associates by:
Effectively engaging youth in leadership roles, as active participants, audience members or other ways;
Using digital media and/or documenting how technology is used to engage youth (pre, post and during performance);
Providing mentoring opportunities;
Improving or enhancing access to performance spaces including both conventional and unconventional performing arts spaces (in person or digital) for young aspiring emerging artists to perform and engage with audiences.
BCTC highly encourage proposals from organizations based in rural and remote communities and regions, as well as those from Indigenous, culturally diverse and equity seeking organizations.
Young aspiring, emerging artists are defined as those who have mastered the basic techniques of their art form through education or apprenticeship and are in the early stage of launching a professional career.
About Proposals

Organizations may submit a joint proposal but one organization must act as the lead applicant.
Proposals should outline how applicants’ project meets the criteria and how financial support would be used to meet the objective.
Proposals submitted should be no more than two 8 x 11 pages (PDF files) with a separate budget (one page spread sheet).
Budget should include headings e.g. fees, venue costs, materials, promotion/marketing, etc.
Applicant budget must be complete, accurate and balance (revenues = expenses) to be eligible.
Proposals will not be accepted from:
Individuals as lead applicants
For profit organizations or private businesses
Projects that are not intended to serve youth or young aspiring emerging artists or associates
Projects who have received funding support in 2020-2021 from BCTC’s Warming up the Act or Mentorship Youth Engagement are not eligible.
BCTC will not provide financial support for any retroactive activity i.e. activity that has already occurred.
For more information, visit https://bctouring.org/programs-services/aea-initiative/youth-hubs/call-for-proposals

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