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Stronger Communities Fund in the UK

Stronger Communities Fund in the UK

Deadline: 2-Sep-22

We Love Manchester Charity is excited to announce the Stronger Communities Fund (SCF) to support communities which know how they can improve lives locally but need some financial help to deliver their plans.

Thematic Areas

Nobody knows what’s best for their communities better than the communities themselves. They listen to their ideas, and help where they can.
Helping In The Early Years: supporting children 0-4 years old, and their parents, to make the best start possible in terms of learning, health and/or nutrition
Combating Loneliness And Social Exclusion: supporting groups of people who are at risk of exclusion from community life. For example as a result of advanced age or disability
Protecting and improving their Open Spaces: delivering work which ensures public spaces are maintained and improved for the benefit of local people, or expanding access to open spaces for all members of the community
Offering Positive Youth Activities: providing sustainable, structured program s/activities to help communities of young people to live safely and successfully
Funding Information
Grant of up to £4,000 available for SCF grant

Eligibility Criteria
C onstituted community groups, charities, community interest companies and social enterprises can now apply for an SCF grant
Your Project should benefit residents of the City of Manchester. (Ie not across Greater Manchester, solely within the city boundaries as defined by Manchester City Council).
Private/commercial organizations
Project proposals which are >50%-funded by Manchester City Council
Fundraising events
Projects which benefit residents primarily living outside the City of Manchester
Projects benefitting only a small number of individuals
Projects which do not address one or more of their themes
Projects which promote religious beliefs
Projects that are brand new, or applications from organizations without previous experience relevant to the proposed Project
Academic or medical research & equipment
Organizations which already have an annual income to spend in Manchester in excess of £750,000 pa
Retrospective requests (ie Projects/activities that have already taken place or have already been paid for)
Applications from applicants who have received funding from the Stronger Communities Fund within the previous 1 year
Requests that will replace or enhance a Statutory Duty of Manchester City Council
Applications made by one organization on behalf of another.
For more information, visit https://www.welovemcrcharity.org/apply-for-funding/stronger-communities-fund/

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