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Streets Alive Program (Stream1) – Australia

Streets Alive Program (Stream1) – Australia

Deadline: 5-Jun-24

The Town Team Movement, in partnership with the State Government and the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA), are thrilled to announce the Streets Alive program.GRAB YOUR EBOOK NOW

The program funded from the State Funds for Local Government Roads consist of $5 million over 5 years for capacity building and support for eligible community organisations and local governments for projects designed to calm traffic on local roads in urban areas across WA.

Funding Objectives 
  • To be eligible for funding your project must align with at least one of the following objectives:
    • To build capability and capacity of local communities to deliver traffic calming and road safety initiatives in local streets and neighbourhoods
    • To change attitudes and behaviours around speed to emphasise streets for people over cars
    • To improve safety of the town centres and make them more vibrant and people friendly
Funding Information
  • Stream 1 offers ‘seed’ grants of $5,000 inc GST for eligible community groups and local governments in all towns and neighbourhoods across WA.
Eligible Projects
  • Projects must:
    • Be for the public good or benefit the public
    • Aim for positive outcomes that increase road safety
    • Aim to make people “Feel safe” = Be safe and feel safe
  • Examples of suitable projects
    • Research, Development and Design for proposed Stream 2 projects (Note that these types of projects require you to submit a report that summarise your approach and findings. Your process must include community consultation that with clearly stated objective/s and action/s to follow.)
    • Purchase of public use furniture and other structure/infrastructure including streets furniture, library, seating areas, parklets, active transport infrastructure, plants and planter boxes etc.
    • Community engagement, workshops and events promoting road safety and traffic calming solutions
    • Art projects including street art, art installations, murals including murals on walls facing the road or laneway
    • Temporary installations to test an idea or pilot a concept
  • Project locations must:
    • Be within Western Australia (excludes Indian Ocean Territories)
    • Be on publicly accessible land
    • Have the support of the property owner
  • Examples of suitable locations may be as follows:
    • Local roads
    • Adjacent to a state road, managed by an LGA
    • State roads in a town centre or neighbourhood
    • Right-Of-Way (ROW) lanes
Eligibility Criteria
  • WA-based incorporated community associations including play group, town teams, clubs, not-for-profits, School Parent Bodies (P&C, P&F etc), Men’s Sheds, Community Resources Centres (CRCs) and local governments
  • WA based unincorporated groups that are auspiced by another incorporated association with an ABN.
  • Grant applicants must have the authority to undertake projects on behalf of their organisation
  • For-profit organisations
  • Individuals
  • State and Federal Governments
  • Schools

For more information, visit Town Team Movement.

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