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Stop TB Partnership launches Challenge Facility for Civil Society 2019

Stop TB Partnership launches Challenge Facility for Civil Society 2019

Deadline: 3 February 2020

Stop TB Partnership has launched the Challenge Facility for Civil Society 2019 funding. This year’s call for proposals, in alignment with the United Nations Political Declaration on TB and the Global Plan to End TB, is to augment and embed community, rights and gender (CRG) in the TB response for an equitable TB response.

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Supported by USAID and the Global Fund Strategic Initiative, the Challenge Facility for Civil Society (CFCS) is the Stop TB Partnership grant mechanism for TB affected community and civil society grassroot organizations to transform the TB response so that it promotes and protects human rights and gender equality. Strengthening community and civil society actors is an ethical and programmatic imperative in this pursuit.

The aim of CFCS 2019 is to transform the TB response so that it is rights-based, gender-transformative, people-centered and accountable.

Framework for National and Regional CRG Proposals in CFCS 2019

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Track 1 – Country Track Building on the previous CRG work, STP CFCS will support proposals to further advance CRG in national TB responses.


  • To enhance the capacity of all TB stakeholders in CRG for TB
  • To identify and monitor barriers to access services, particularly for key and vulnerable populations
  • To address barriers to access, particularly for key and vulnerable populations
  • To strengthen community advocacy at national level with focus on key stakeholders and decision makers
  • To boost demand for new TB tools, services and approaches
  • To institute and scale-up community monitoring interventions for enhanced quality and responsiveness of services and social accountability
  • To increase community and civil society leadership and participation in the TB response from prioritizing and designing interventions to implementing, monitoring and evaluating TB services


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  • Develop the capacities of all stakeholders, including media and celebrities to engage in CRG in the TB response linking to with country-level Stop TB Partnership platforms
  • Conduct CRG Assessments
  • Conduct TB Stigma Assessments
  • Develop CRG Operational Plans to inform National Strategic Plans for TB and Global Fund re-programming and funding proposals for TB
  • Conduct advocacy campaigns, involving media and celebrities to; promote and advocate for policy change, generate demand for innovative services and tools, raise TB awareness, and mobilize and empower communities
  • Engage key stakeholders and catalyze country dialogue on reaching the UN HLM targets
  • Conduct legal trainings, develop and publish materials to facilitate community-led actions to use the law and human rights to protect and promote the rights of people affected by TB
  • Support strategic litigation advancing the human rights of people affected by TB
  • Deploy, adapt and scale-up community-based monitoring interventions, leveraging tools like the Stop TB Partnership One Impact digital platform

Track 2 – Regional Track CFCS track 2 will support regional proposals that aim to enhance community coordination and capacity to actively and strategically contribute to national and regional UNHLM TB accountability efforts. All activities will serve to strengthen the engagement and effectiveness of TB affected community-based entities at national level, to progress efforts to identify and overcome barriers to access, and to advance partnerships between civil society and TB affected communities in neighboring countries.


  • To strengthen the organizational, advocacy, CRG and TB technical capacity of TB affected communities and civil society in high burden countries
  • To align and boost country community advocacy efforts at regional and global level


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  • Engage all stakeholders and catalyze regional and global dialogues on reaching UN HLM targets
  • Develop and implement regional community monitoring tools to enhance UN HLM accountability
  • Produce advocacy materials and guidance on TB and human rights and build advocacy skills
  • Conduct regional advocacy campaigns to advance priority TB issues identified by TB affected communities and CRG Assessments in the region
  • Build TB affected communities and civil society capacity in CRG areas, including TB technical areas, human rights, community monitoring, TB financing, and organizational development
  • Generate knowledge and evidence, disseminate lessons learned, good practices and common barriers to address at the regional or global levels

Funding Information

Grants between USD25,000 and USD150,000 will be awarded.

Grant Duration

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One-year long.

Eligible Countries and Regions

Applicants working in any of the following countries or regions are eligible to apply for Challenge Facility for Civil Society 2019 funding.

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  • Track 1: The following countries can apply; Bangladesh, Cambodia, DR Congo, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, and Ukraine.
  • Track 2: Regional proposals from the following regions can apply; Anglophone Africa, Francophone Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe.

Eligible Organizations

CFCS 2019 is for community and civil society and as such eligible organizations for CFCS 2019 funding are:

  • TB affected community networks or organizations (sub national, national or regional).
  • Non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations working in the above-mentioned countries or regions.

For more information, visit http://www.stoptb.org/global/awards/cfcs/about.asp

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