SNV recruits 01 Branding and Communications Consultancy

SNV recruits 01 Branding and Communications Consultancy


Nairobi, Kenya
Branding and Communications Consultancy
Nairobi, Kenya
Contract type: Short term consultancy contract
Company Description
SNV is a not-for-profit international development organization that applies practical know-how to make a lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty. We use our extensive and long-term in-country presence to apply and adapt our top-notch expertise in agriculture, energy and WASH to local contexts. SNV has an annual turnover of €130 million, over 1,250 staff in more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We are proud to be a not-for-profit organization that uses project financing to implement our mission. This requires us to work efficiently and to invest in operational excellence.
In its new Strategic Plan period (2019 – 2022), SNV will more explicitly aim for systems change during project preparation and implementation – by strengthening institutions and kick-starting markets that help many more to escape poverty beyond our projects. We will continue to position ourselves as a premium organization, with decentralized management.
For more information on our operations in Kenya and SNV generally visit our website:
About the Kenya Market-led Horticulture Project (KMHP) (HortIMPACT)
HortIMPACT is in its final year of implementation having started in 2015 and ending by December 2019. Funded by the Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands (EKN), the project is implemented by a consortium of four partners – Delphy, Solidaridad, Hivos and SNV (lead). HortIMPACT’s main goal has been to contribute to increased food security, increased incomes & the development of a dynamic & sustainable horticulture sector in Kenya. Its three thematic areas are: inclusion of entrepreneurial farmers in supply chains; reduction of food losses; and increase food safety
The main goal of the project is supported by two outcomes:
Enhance the entrepreneurial capacities & performance of 50,000 farmers through business cases with private sector companies;
Systemic challenges related to farmer inclusion, food safety and food loss effectively addressed by farmer organisations, industry, & government.
HortIMPACT co-invests in practices and innovations with private sector partners that operate in different parts of horticulture value chains. These practices and innovations generate positive impact for businesses and small-holder farmers. HortIMPACT has co-invested in 16 business cases (BC), and ten innovation products with different private Dutch and Kenyan companies.
About the Kenya Smart Water for Agriculture (SWA)
SWA is a 4 year project funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nairobi as part of its food security and private sector development agenda. SWA wishes to improve food security through optimized water availability and efficiency by small and medium farmers and businesses. Overall, SWA wishes to support small and medium entrepreneurial (SME) farmer-led irrigation. SWA is implemented by a Consortium of partners that consist of SNV, Meta Meta, The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Practica and Aqua for All. SNV-Kenya is the lead organisation.
The project goal is to contribute to increased water productivity in agriculture and increased income and food security through the development of a dynamic and sustainable ‘Smart Water Solutions’ (SWS) sector in Kenya, adequately serving small and medium-sized entrepreneurial (SME) farmers. The overall objective is to increase water productivity by 20% for 20,000 SME farmers, ensuring secured water access for production and resilience to climate change. Consequently, farmer-led, market-based and women-empowering are inherent principles for promoting smart water for agriculture in selected value chains. Within this approach, SWA has set an ambitious set of outcomes to increase agricultural productivity, adoption of smart water solutions, establishment of sustainable Irrigation Acceleration Platforms and enhanced sustainable business linkages.
To realise large scale adoption of SWS based on private sector growth and innovation, farmers will need to be able to invest in SWS, if required with loans or other forms of credit from financial institutions. Therefore the program will primarily focus on SME farmers in sectors such as horticulture and dairy where continuous financial liquidity is indicative of economic opportunities. Exploring such opportunities is unlikely for resource poor farmers or for farmers ‘who do not see farming as a business’. Regardless, it is anticipated that these resource and market disengaged farmers will benefit from SWS in the long term.
Private sector actors, whether the suppliers of SWS, agro-businesses or finance suppliers are also targeted by the project based on the strong assumption that private sector will bring innovation, investments and a business drive to upscale and reach out to larger number of SME-farmers. The Dutch private sector, whether supplying technology, skills or knowledge is expected to be able to contribute to the further strengthening and growth of SWS in Kenya.
Job Description
TASK: Branding and Communications of Closing Event for Smart Water for Agriculture (SWA) and the Kenya Market-led Horticulture Project (KMHP – HortIMPACT)
Background and Objective of Assignment
HortIMPACT and SWA are jointly hosting their formal project Closing Event. The event will take place on November 20th, 2019 at a Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The event aims to bring together key stakeholders of the horticulture and irrigation sectors in Kenya and partners who worked with both projects and provide a platform to share lessons learnt, showcase successes and discuss challenges faced and how to overcome them.
To effectively highlight and communicate the objectives, content and lessons of the event, HortIMPACT and SWA are looking for a consultant experienced in branding, photography, video producing and editing, media management and event coverage.
The purpose of this assignment is to support HortIMPACT and SWA in achieving the following objectives related to their Closing Event:
1. Providing professional photography services during the event.
Delivering 50 high resolution photographs and ensuring compliance with GDPR.
2. Handling social media engagement prior to, during and after the event.
3. Producing a 5 minute video documenting the key aspects of the event.
The video should be easily shared in Social Media.
The video’s production must follow SNV’s Brand Guidelines.
4. Developing the event’s branding to be used prior and during the event.
5. Managing and engaging with local media for coverage purposes.
6. Developing a report of the event that provides: a summary of the event, attendee numbers, highlights of the event, lessons learnt and high quality images of the event.
Scope of Work and Expected Deliverables
With the instruction of HortIMPACT and SWA teams, the consultant will support the team in:
1. Take and present to the team at least 200 professionally taken photos of persons attending the event.
2. Collect consent forms for the use of photographs and video
3. Be active on HortIMPACT’s and SWA’s social media platforms i.e Twitter to:
Share with the public about the event happening
Come-up with a hashtag for the event
Share the unfolding / discussions of the event in Real Time
4. Developing the branding of the event. Branding should include: a logo, theme, official name of the event and it should consider the names, colour pallets, objectives and objectives of both HortIMPACT and SWA.
Outputs of branding will be used to develop marketing material such as banners and consumables for attendees such as bags, coffee cups, notebooks, pens, etc.
5. Prepare and submit to the team a 5 minute video showcasing a summary of the event, its highlights, key discussions raised and its overall development.
Prior experience in branding, photography & videography, communications and handling social media accounts.
Additional Information
NB: Open only for firms registered in Kenya.
How to apply
Please apply by clicking on the “I’M INTERESTED” tab on this page and submitting a brief expression of interest, company profile, financial proposition and samples of work done on or before Friday, 01 November, 2019.
Only shortlisted firms will be contacted.
We do not appreciate third-party mediation based on this advertisement.


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