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SI recruits 01 Regional FSL Advisor (H/F)

SI recruits 01 Regional FSL Advisor (H/F) – Erbil / Amman

Desired start date: 01/09/21 Duration of the mission: 6 months Location: Erbil / Amman


Solidarités International is currently working in four Middle East countries: Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

In Iraq, SI opened its mission in February 2017 with emphasis on the Mosul response. Today, with one coordination office in Erbil and two bases in Mosul and Sinjar, the mission has developed a strong expertise in WaSH, leading two consortia, responding both to basic needs and recovery interventions in new areas in line with the shift of context that entail wave of return movements to newly secured area. SI has also recently started livelihood activities in Sinjar areas and aims at developing its FSL programming.

In Lebanon, SI launched its operations in March 2013 in order to address the immediate needs of both Syrian refugee and Lebanese host families also affected by the crisis. The mission is articulated around 2 bases (Zahle and Minieh) with a coordination office in Beirut. Following Beirut blast, the Coordination team expanded to include an operational component with a team dedicated to the response in Beirut. In 2020/2021, while implementing humanitarian interventions in core sectors of expertise (Wash and Shelter), the mission has also transitioned towards more structural and long-term recovery and development projects. SI While Lebanon mission programming is diverse, it is expected to diversify more to include FSL interventions and better respond to the current economic crisis the country is facing.

In Syria, SI works in two main challenging areas (Northeast (NES) and Northwest (NWS) Syria) to provide lifesaving activities to the population affected by the conflict. Main current activities are related to emergency wash (water distribution and rehabilitation), distribution of essential NFI (winterization, hygiene, shelter, new arrival kits, etc.), Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance, public infrastructure rehabilitation (schools, water stations, irrigation canals, health facilities, etc.), private housing unit rehabilitation. The mission is also developing a new sector of intervention in NES: livelihood’s activities are currently being launched (support to farmers, small businesses, etc.). The mission has been expanded in 2018-2019 through a major consortium with 4 partners led by SI. The consortium is supporting equitable and safe access to essential basic services including WASH, Shelter and Health, for the most vulnerable populations affected by conflict and displacement in Northeast Syria. Syria mission is also leading several other consortia with WASH, health and education partners in NWS and NES.

In Yemen, SI opened its mission in Yemen in 2017, and has today a coordination office in Aden, and two bases in Al-Mokha (sub-office in Khowkha) and Al-Turbah (sub-office in Ta’iz). SI Programming in Yemen focuses on: access to safe water and disease prevention through provision of WASH services, addressing immediate food needs of communities at risk of famine, as well as providing timely response to displacements of population and AWD/cholera outbreaks. Its portfolio is primarily composed of WASH Emergency projects, along with unconditional cash distribution, and is now expanding its programming to recovery-type of projects in all sectors (rehabilitation of water points or networks, rehabilitation of schools, implementing an integrated food security program that combines MPCA assistance with livelihoods activities -agriculture, livestock).


General objective:

The Food Security and Livelihood Regional Expert main missions are

  • Develop and implement the FSL regional approaches, in close coordination with SI Middle East missions and SI HQ,
  • Contribute to the development of mission programing/strategies,
  • Provide a direct support in countries via gap filing if necessary
  • And actively contribute to SI influence in the Middle East.

The main challenges:

  • Develop a relevant Regional FSL strategy meeting the region humanitarian needs, linked to the regional strategy and with annual country strategies of the region, and with strategic policies, directions and positioning of the organization;
  • Provide a direct operational support in countries when necessary (70% of the time on the field for the first 6 months);
  • Develop strategic partnership with humanitarian and development NGOs/associations (local and international), universities and research institutes, training organisms, private sector, foundations, institutional donors (in close link with SI HQ donors policies and strategies), and any stakeholder that might be relevant for the implementation of quality interventions in the region;
  • Identify, propose, design and submit concrete project and programs proposals to potential donors, coordinating closely with the missions and HQ;
  • Contribute to institutional knowledge building, expertise building, advocacy and improvement of programmatic practices of SI;
  • Contribute to the visibility and external positioning of SI in the region.

Priorities for the 2/3 first months:

  • Support SI missions in finalizing their strategy 2022
  • Realize and extensive FSL secondary data review for each countries and hold key stakeholders meetings
  • Support SI missions (lead if necessary) in implementing FSL needs assessments, data analysis, and report writing
  • Develop a FSL strategy per countries and/or regional based on secondary data review, data collected and analysis
  • Provide technical support to FSL team in Syria for the implementation of CIAA project
  • Support SI missions in developing new FSL interventions and proposals

Responsibilities and main activities:

Strategic Direction

  • Develop and disseminate FSL regional operational strategies linked with missions’ priorities and policies, strategies and internal positioning documents of SI;
  • Develop close relations with all FSL relevant stakeholders in the region in order to enhance analysis and strategic positioning capacities of SI;
  • Identify and expand ‘technical’ strategic partnerships with existing regional stakeholders (INGOs, NGOs, research institutes, training institutes…) in order to operationalize the programmatic axis of the regional FSL strategy;
  • Propose, organize and implement assessment missions in relation with regional and countries strategies;
  • Coordinate or oversee, in relation with the missions, a humanitarian watch system in the region and follow-up of the regional and country surveillance systems;
  • Identify, propose, design and submit to potential donors projects/programs proposals and/or innovative activities,  in close coordination with the concerned missions and HQ;
  • Actively participate in the development of the missions in the region by closely working with Desk and missions teams during programming/strategy exercises.

Coordination, regional representation:

  • Participate in strategic direction groups and relevant technical working groups at regional level;
  • Represent and support regional FSL strategy towards partners/donors and in thematic fora, etc in close collaboration with SI HQ, particularly the Middle East Desk, the ‘Transparency and Institutional Development’ department and Direction of Operations for Programs (DOAP);
  • Ensure a link with FSL institutional stakeholders (donors, United Nations, state organisms…) and disseminate the information to SI HQ;
  • Communicate and actively coordinate with SI different services, departments and missions to (i) guarantee the compliance of proposed approaches with SI strategic documents and internal policies, and (ii) guarantee coherent and harmonized approaches at all levels: local, country, regional and global;
  • Actively participate to the elaboration of FSL advocacy in the region in close collaboration with DOAP and Desk teams.

Follow-up of the implementation of FSL projects/programs:

  • Contribute to the oversight of the deployment, implementation and reporting of multi-countries FSL projects/programs in the region;
  • Anticipate, propose and ensure the follow-up during the mobilization of external expertise in multi-countries projects under her/his coordination;
  •  Contribute, in coordination with DOAP, to the capitalization efforts, the creation of expertise and strengthening of SI programmatic practices.

Internal coordination:

  • Participate to regular projects follow-up meetings with other Desk teams members and to country follow-up meetings;
  • Contribute to the organization, animation of the technical coordinators week;
  • Participate in countries strategic presentations.


Specific skills and experience:

  • Third level qualification FSL-related sector / discipline (agronomy, agricultural studies, and/or economic recovery)
  • Demonstrated experience in FSL Sector, especially in FSL in emergency;
  • Able to develop SI FSL strategy and to translate complex strategies in operational implementation;
  • Ability to develop a strong understanding of the context and to make the project adaptive to the context evolution
  • Understanding of the international humanitarian response and coordination mechanisms, and humanitarian reform;
  • Experience in remote management
  • Experience in volatile security contexts
  • Ability and willingness to handle a high workload under pressure

Soft skills:

  • Strong level of autonomy
  • Strong appetite for capacity building/coaching
  • Be able to work with diverse stakeholders, to lead coordination forums and to develop consensus;
  • Know how to present ideas effectively and clearly while listening and acknowledging others’ perspectives and views;
  • Excellent communication, networking skills, organizational and prioritization skills, ability to multi-task
  • Cross cultural sensitivity, good sense of humor and great team member


  • Fluent in English
  • Knowledge of Arabic is an asset
  • Knowledge of French is an asset


A salaried post: According to experience, starting from 3080 euros gross per month (2800 base salary + 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly) and a monthly Per Diem of 750 USD (Erbil) or 785 USD (Amman)

SI also covers accommodation costs and travel expenses between the expatriate’s country of origin and the place of assignment.

Vacation: During the assignment, a system of alternation between work and time off is implemented at the rate of on 7 working days every three months. For a one-year assignment, the expatriate will have a 7 working days break at 3/6 and 9 month (with 850 USD allocated by Solidarités).

To these break periods, it is necessary to add the granting of 1 additional rest day per month worked > i.e. 12 days in addition for a 1-year contract.

Social and medical cover: Expatriates benefit from an insurance package which reimburses all healthcare expenses (including medical and surgical expenses, dental care and ophthalmological expenses, repatriation) and a welfare system including war risks. Essential vaccination and antimalarial treatment costs are refunded.



In Erbil, security risks are low and restrictions are limited. However, security rules from the Iraq mission must be followed.

Expats live in a fully equipped guest house located in Ankawa neighborhoods, 5 to 10 minutes from the office by walk. It is possible to walk around the neighborhood and there are many shops and restaurants. There are parks in the city where you can walk or go running, and many malls and shops which sell a very large variety of goods.


Living conditions in Amman are very good and staffs have access to a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars. Most of occidental products (food, clothing…) are easily accessible in Amman. The country also proposes several destinations for weekends.

The position will be based in Amman and is entitled to family pack. The situation is ideal for family duty station. Large expatriate community and international schools and organisation make it a large regional hub.

When traveling to Turkey and NWS, the future Regional FSL Advisor will be accommodated in hotel (usually in Killis, could also be in Antalya, Gaziantep or Ankara depending on the visit objective). Hotel offer comfortable living and working conditions.

When traveling to NES, the future Regional FSL Advisor will go through to our Erbil liaison office where GHs and logistics are organised.

Clear movements SoP are in place for both locations.


In Beirut, the guesthouse and the office are located in close-by buildings. The guesthouse is a 6 bedroom apartment, fully furnished and comfortable. Beirut is a very modern city, where you can find all kind of restaurants, shops, international libraries, bars, cinemas, etc.

Vehicles are available for evenings and week-ends if you have a valid driving license and after being validated for driving by the logistics department. Lebanon is a safe country you can discover by yourself. We have guesthouses available in 2 other Lebanese cities, Zahle and Tripoli, available on weekends. All common goods and amenities are available on all bases.

Covid19 : Solidarités International recommends vaccination against Covid-19, using WHO approved vaccines. If possible, the vaccination should be done before departure in order to reduce the logistical constraints once on the ground.

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NB:  The vacancy may close before the deadline. Thank you for your comprehension

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