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School Enterprise Challenge for young People to develop Business Skills and Essential Life Skills

School Enterprise Challenge for young People to develop Business Skills and Essential Life Skills

Deadline: 23-Aug-23

The Teach a Man to Fish is seeking applications for the School Enterprise Challenge, an international business programme for schools that helps young people all around the world to develop business skills and essential life skills.

In the School Enterprise Challenge, it is the students that take the lead, with teachers playing a supporting role, to complete 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Come up with your own BUSINESS IDEA
  • Step 2: Create your sustainable BUSINESS PLAN
  • Step 3: LAUNCH and RUN your school-based business

Why take part?

It is a practical programme which enables young people to develop skills which are not covered in the classroom (experiential learning).

It also provides teachers with real-life examples to bring their teaching to life and allows them to develop new teaching practices (experiential teaching).

All participants in the programme are part of a global community of enterprising schools which provides lots of inspiration and is a place for collaboration and sharing of best practices.

  • Benefits for young people
    • Experiential Learning
      • Get practical experience running a real business
      • Develop entrepreneurial skills
      • Creativity
      • Analysis
      • Financial management
      • Growth mindset
      • Develop key life skills
      • Communications
      • Teamwork
      • Leadership
      • Problem solving
      • Be part of a global movement of young entrepreneurs!
  • Benefits for teachers
    • Experiential Teaching
      • Get access to a wide variety of teaching materials
      • Business guides with explanations + activities
      • Explainer videos
      • Mini-competitions: ready-made challenges for your students
      • Learn about business (this has many benefits in your personal life!)
      • Ability to bring academic subjects to life through real-life examples
      • Develop new teaching techniques
      • Boost your CV
      • Gain recognition and have the chance to win prizes
Prize Details

Over US $20,000 worth of prizes available for schools, teachers and students.

School Enterprise Challenge for young People to develop Business Skills and Essential Life Skills
Eligibility Criteria
  • The School Enterprise Challenge is open to all schools from all countries, including: pre-primary schools, primary schools, secondary schools and technical/vocational colleges.
  • Please note that universities are not eligible to take part.
  • Younger students are welcome to participate! Many pre-primary schools and primary schools all around the world have taken part in the School Enterprise Challenge, successfully planning and setting up their very own school businesses.

How are prize winners chosen?

  • After the final deadline of 23rd November 2023 has passed, all entries from participants (Business Ideas, Business Plans and Annual Reports) will be sent to an external panel of expert judges. Each submission will be assessed against the official Achievement Criteria. The entries which score the most ‘Exceptional’ sections according to the Achievement Criteria will be considered for prizes.
  • The full list of prize winners for the 2023 programme will be announced in February/March 2024.

Want to register your school? Click here.

For more information, visit School Enterprise Challenge.

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