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RFPs: Capacity Building Project for Kirkuk Governorate Directorates in Iraq

RFPs: Capacity Building Project for Kirkuk Governorate Directorates in Iraq

Deadline: 13-Oct-22

UNDP requests you to submit proposals for the provision of Capacity Building Project for Kirkuk Governorate Directorates.

The main goal is to get a technical and financial proposal from an experienced capacity building service provider to conduct The Environmental Training Package. The program is intended to improve the capacity of government personnel in various directorates of Kirkuk Province. The key target groups are official employees who work on infrastructure projects in Kirkuk governorate, including Environment Directorate in particular.

Scope of Service
The service provider must ensure tight collaboration with UNDP prior to conducting the program.
The concept of the Training Course, detailed schedule and deliverables shall be agreed upon in advance. The detailed Training course schedule will be discussed between the service provider and UNDP prior to the call of the contract.
The training location is distributed within Kirkuk governorate; the service providers are required to conduct the training in the agreed location.
The service provider must contact all participants and advise on the location, date, and time of the training session in order to ensure their availability. The UNDP Technical Training Experts (TTE’s) will supply the service provider with a list of participants, including their contact numbers and work descriptions.
The service provider must contact all participants in advance to make sure the participants bring their own laptops if it is necessary for the course.
The training program shall be delivered in Arabic or/and English language for the purpose of the lectures and materials.
The training program materials shall be subject to the agreed format with UNDP.
The service provider must evaluate the participants prior to start of the training course and at the end of the course as well through pre-test and post-test
The lecturer is required to adjust the training course based on the level of trainees.
Training program shall be conducted in an interactive way, bringing real-life examples.
Training should be dynamic and hands-on practice, with a focus on participation and interaction. The service provider shall provide the participants with pre-assignment, exercises, and group projects to help participants to follow up and practice more.
The training of the whole package should be illustrated through real example projects and videos.
The trainer should allocate half an hour to review the topics covered in the previous day
The service provider must be presented at targeted location by 8 am and start giving the lectures by 9 am and finish by 3 pm.
A course book, hard copy, of the training course materials especially (IEA course) should be handed over to every single participant, so that they can review the lectures at home and in the future.
The participants are government employees who work on the infrastructure projects implemented in areas liberated from ISIS. Updated and detailed information will be provided to the service provider upon their request.
For the training program. the number of participants could change from 10% to 20%.
The service provider must allocate two persons for the following duties:
Preparing an attendance list for recording the participants along with their signatures on a daily basis
Contact the directorates’ focal points and participants in advance to advice on the course name, time, location and any other important information related to the program. Sending daily and weekly reports to the UNDP.
The Service provider shall submit the following items:
A database (Live Google sheet) to maintain participants’ information as follows: participants’ full name, their directorates, phone numbers, email addresses and genders.
A course book (Booklet) which includes comprehensive training materials regarding the training course, course objectives, and expected learning outcomes based on the training set
A comprehensive final report for each Training Course is required, which includes:
course summary,
List of participants, major discussions during the courses, observations, recommendations.
Trainee feedback.
UNDP will review and approve the final report for each Training Course.
The training company or individuals submits all reports to UNDP/ TTEs in English.
The Training Courses including lectures and materials shall be delivered in Arabic or/ and English.
Expected duration of work: 5 working days and five hours per day

Eligibility Criteria
Qualifications of the Successful Service Provider

The training company (service provider) and trainers should meet the following minimum requirements: The service provider must:
Be a company, institute, NGO or educational firm specialized in Capacity Development Training.
Have a proper management structure for planning, conducting assessments, evaluations, monitoring, and managing the implementation of the training course.
Have worked with international organizations, financial institutions, and government agencies.
Select the potential lecturers for the respective area specified in the proposal with their CVs. Only accepted lectures by UNDP will be finally included in the call of contract.
Or in the case of assigning other trainers who are not listed in the proposal, prior approval is required by UNDP.
The organization has a policy in place to protect participants from Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA).
The service provider offers trainers with following Qualifications and experiences:
The Service provider offers trainers with the following Qualifications and experiences.
Minimum 7 years’ experience in the Environment, chemistry, Geochemistry, Environmental chemistry, and or any close related field.
PhD or MSc Academic Degree preferably, Environment, chemistry, Geochemistry, Environmental chemistry, and or any close related field.
Certification from Environmental charted organization, the number of certifications shall be provided.
Experienced as a trainer in developing materials and delivering similar training courses
Certified trainers will be an asset.
In the case of assigning other trainers who are not listed in the proposal, prior approval by UNDP is required
Institutional Agreement

UNDP’s Technical Training Experts (TTEs) will be the focal points with service provider during the Service.
The service provider shall consult with UNDP office earlier in case they need to contact the Governmental Directorates in Kirkuk during and before the Service.
The service provider shall be responsible for obtaining Iraqi’s visas for their trainers to attend the program.
The service provider shall not execute the intellectual property rights on the submitted report and training materials used by UNDP.
The training service provider shall maintain the proper documentation process, assessment, evaluation and quality of the training courses through a standard template.
The UNDP is responsible for organizing:
The venue, location of all training courses
The logistics and corresponding equipment including only (a data show, screen, whiteboard or flipchart).
Coffee break and lunch for participants only
Stationery for participants only.
For more information, visit https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=96114

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