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RFA: Ready-Made Garment Sector in Bangladesh

RFA: Ready-Made Garment Sector in Bangladesh

Deadline: 23-Jan-22

The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) is inviting eligible organizations to submit applications for innovative business models that addresses women livelihoods in Bangladesh through the increased sustainability of the ready-made garment (RMG) sector.

This RFA aims to build opportunities towards digitalization for improved livelihoods, particularly for women, and overall sustainability in the RMG sector in Bangladesh.

Areas of Intervention
Proposed solutions shall be in one of the two areas of intervention:

Innovative solutions based on sound business models addressing health, well-being, security, safety, finance and digital, financial and legal literacy needs at the worker and household level
Innovative solutions based on sound business models addressing sustainability data reporting, performance management, governance, social and environmental sustainability needs at the enterprise level
The UNCDF support will be geared towards enabling the emerging solutions to be piloted and / or upscaled in Bangladesh. The solutions must be innovative and sustainable to allow for continuity beyond the support provided by UNCDF and its implementing partners. UNCDF will provide a grant and technical assistance to two applicants. The successful partner will sign a Performance-Based Agreement (PBA) with UNCDF. Two applicants will be selected that could fall in either area.

Funding Information
UNCDF grant contribution may range from US$30,000 to US$50,000 per applicant and may include technical assistance support and/or mentorship services to the applicants selected under this RFA.

Eligibility Criteria
Entity registration
The applicant/ lead applicant must be a registered entity
Country of operation
The applicant can be based anywhere globally, but the project implementation and solution must focus on RMG sector digitalization in Bangladesh.
If the applicant does not have regulatory approval to pilot the proposed solution in Bangladesh, the applicant must partner with a regulated institution in the country to deliver the solution.
Joint applications between market players in Bangladesh are encouraged if the proposed solution will expand RMG sectors digitalization with a particular focus to benefit women.
Applications from consortiums of organizations must show that the partnership was established prior to this call for applications or due to this call for application with a letter of intent.
The lead applicant and their consortium partner must be registered entities with at least one year of operations and must have statutory accounts and audited financial statements for at least one operating year.
Applicants may apply only once under this RFA, whether independently or in a consortium.
Solutions to be supported
Applicants must have an existing solution having tested a proof of concept that is ready to undergo pilot testing for a duration of 9 months.
The proposed solution must be implemented within a project duration of 9 months after the signature of the PBA and terminating not later than December 2022.
Project funding
Applicants must contribute at least 30 percent of the project’s cash Costs (costs may include technical infrastructure, resources, and operations).
For more information, visit https://www.uncdf.org/article/7362/rfa-ready-made-garment-sector-in-bangladesh

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