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Response Grant Competition for Women’s / Feminist Organizations of Ukraine

Response Grant Competition for Women’s / Feminist Organizations of Ukraine

Deadline: 29 March 2020

In response to the critical situation with the COVID19 pandemic, the Ukrainian Women’s Fund announces a small grant competition to support the solidarity responses to the challenges facing women today.

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The purpose of the competition to support solidarity actions and initiatives to address the pressing issues faced by women of different age groups and groups as a result of the COVID pandemic19.


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Systematic support for vulnerable women:
older women;
women who are fired;
mothers who work at home and are unable to provide childcare;
women in situations of domestic violence who have limited access to social services due to quarantine;
other vulnerable women.
Development and implementation of information campaigns for overcoming anxiety, consequences of social exclusion, promotion of active and conscious position of women.
Implementation of charitable and volunteer initiatives to support women’s middle and junior health care staff.
Developing online communication skills and providing online services, including education, for women’s / feminist organizations and activists.
Funding Information

The size of the grant is from 14 thousand to 140 thousand UAH.
The duration of the project is up to 3 months.
Project Evaluation Criteria

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the activity of the project responds to an urgent problem that needs immediate resolution;
the project contains a clear strategy for achieving a quick result, improving the situation;
the proposed actions are as effective as possible to solve the problem;
the project creates and strengthens relationships between women working in different fields, living in different regions, urban / rural women, women from different vulnerable groups in order to solidify and solve specific problems;
the project methodology may be extended to other regions / target groups;
the project team / organization has local support to deal with the emergency.
Priority will be given to projects in the COVID19 affected areas.
The decision to support the projects will be taken within 72 hours. The results of the competition will be announced on April 1, 2020.
Please note:

The UWF only supports women’s / feminist organizations. They identify women’s / feminist organizations that are (by statute) aimed at protecting women’s rights and / or promoting gender equality. Women ‘s professional associations are not considered women’ s organizations unless they prove that they adhere to feminist principles and, in addition to providing services to women, extend their rights.
As a result of registration of the project of the applicant, confirmation of registration of the project with the registration number is sent.
The UWF’s decision on the revision project is not subject to review.
The reasons for refusal to support the project are not reported.
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