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Resist Foundation inviting Applications for Grant Program (US)

Resist Foundation inviting Applications for Grant Program (US)

Deadline: 4-Dec-20

Applications are now open for the Resist Foundation’s Grant Program to support people’s movements for justice and liberation.

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Resist Funds Groups that:

Resist. Groups that organize, base build, engage in direct action, and cultural organizing. Groups organize within communities for structural social and economic change. Groups develop tools for consciousness-raising, including popular education and radical pedagogy development.
Re-imagine. Groups that actively build new systems that provide alternatives to the ones they are fighting now. These groups live into transformative justice by creating community-based alternatives to dehumanizing or inaccessible institutions and systems. This work might look like: alternatives to policing, urban gardens, cooperative childcare, etc..
Build Resilience. Groups that are creating through arts and cultural work and all forms of creative resilience building. Groups that are healing through sacred resistance, sustainability, ritual, bodywork, and other embodied healing for communities engaged in the work of liberation.
Type of Grant

General Support Grants: General Support Grants are available for up to $4,000 to support groups who are building movements for justice and liberation and resisting systemic oppression through grassroots/cultural organizing, art-making and resilience building. General support grants are awarded by a panel of previously funded Resist grantees. Groups are funded based on the strength of their overall application. Awards can be used to best meet your group’s needs. Groups can only be funded once per 12-month period. There is no limit to the number of times a grantee can receive funds. If a group has been fully funded twice in the past five years, they may apply for a multi-year grant.
Multi-year Grants: Open only to current grantees who meet the above requirements and have been fully funded twice (for General Support and Accessibility) in the past five years. Multi-year funding consists of three years of full funding ($4000), starting with the year the multi-year application is submitted.
Rapid Response Grants: Resist offers $1,000 Rapid Response grants to better meet the needs of frontline groups and organizations. This grant is decided on by Resist staff and generally has a one week turn around. Resist offers Rapid Response Grants for groups and organizations to:
Imagine and Build: for groups seeking financial support with training, consultation, healing, cultural work, conflict resolution, and/or restructuring. Examples include (but are not limited to): developing organizing skills, exploration of new strategies,community-led arts, and culture work, board and staff development, fundraising support, and training, computer, and software training, transformative and strategic planning.
Resist and Respond: for groups seeking to respond to unforeseen and timely political opportunities with organizing and/or cultural interventions. Examples include (but are not limited to) organizing direct action, creative resistance, and travel to protests in response to a call to action.
Eligibility Criteria

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Groups that are aligned with Resist will fit most of the following criteria:

Their work is located within an ecology of social justice organizations. They are aware of how their work fits into a greater whole. Work reflects a clear understanding of purpose and function within movements for social change;
Have an intersectional / cross-issue analysis;
Work actively against white and Christian supremacy, capitalism, gender, and sexual oppression, and all forms of patriarchy;
Are led by those most affected by structural oppression.
Apply for a Grant

In order to apply for a Resist grant (all applications must be entered online):

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Start the application process for any of their grants by clicking on the link provided on their website.
You will need to create a user account. You don’t have to submit an application, but in order to browse, read the applications, or submit, you must create an account. It should take less than five minutes.
You will see information about their five grant programs and instructions on how to apply.
For more information, visit

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