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Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq

Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq

Deadline: 1 October 2019

Through this call for concept notes the European Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) is open to receive submissions contributing to one or more of the thematic areas.

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With a humanitarian-development nexus approach to programming, the RDPP for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq aims at supporting civil society, host governments, donors and other stakeholders in understanding and mitigating the impact of protracted forced displacement from Syria. Through partnerships with national and international actors, the RDPP seeks to enhance protection and support socio-economic development for refugees and host communities with a view to support opportunities for durable solutions. The RDPP phase II programme strategy is set out in the programme document available here.

Thematic Areas

  • Thematic area A. Livelihoods towards durable solutions: The RDPP is looking for partnerships focussed on improving access to safe and sustainable livelihoods opportunities for displacement-affected populations to increase household income and promote durable solutions. Considerations of the approach to durable solutions for displaced populations, as locally appropriate, should be explicitly integrated into livelihoods projects.
    • Priority areas for livelihoods concept notes covering Jordan and Iraq are: Consideration in the project design should, as relevant, include considerations of the following:
      • Enhancing transferable employability skills
      • Improved capacity of national partners to create jobs and mainstream decent work
    • Priority areas for concept notes covering Lebanon are: Consideration in the project design should, as relevant, include considerations of the following:
      • Enhancing transferable employability skills
      • Improved capacity of national partners to create jobs and mainstream decent work
  • Thematic area B: Upholding and expanding the protection space: The RDPP is looking for partnerships focussed on expanding the protection space for refugees and vulnerable host communities and IDPs, though improved protection services and/or social cohesion/reduced tensions.
    • Priority areas for all countries are:
      • Supporting enhanced capacity of national actors
      • Improving social cohesion and reduced tensions in displacement affected communities
  • Thematic area C2: Advocacy: In RDPP phase II the research and advocacy partnerships are largely combined to strengthen the use and influence of evidence and research generated. However, through this call RDPP is interested to receive concept notes proposing innovative approaches to targeted, evidence-based advocacy at different levels (sub national, national, international) in support of durable solutions and in consideration of supporting the rights of vulnerable groups, while in displacement. The proposed projects should have a specific focus on enhancing or building national capacities on advocacy. Mainly concept notes with a focus on Jordan and Iraq will be considered.

Budget Information

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The available budget for this call for concept notes is a maximum of 190 million Danish Kroner (25 million Euro). Concept notes should have a minimum total budget of 1 million Euro. There is no upper limit. The RDPP expects to allocate a maximum of 10-15 partnerships contracts within this budget. The RDPP withholds the right to not allocate the maximum available funding.


Projects are expected to start towards the end of 2019 and may run until December 2021. Longer partnerships are preferred.

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Geographical Coverage

  • With the Syrian displacement as the core focus for the programme, the RDPP II covers Jordan, Lebanon and Northern Iraq. Northern Iraq is defined as the geographical area of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (Governorates of Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Duhok) and the governorates bordering these i.e. Ninawa, Salah al-Din, Kirkuk, and Diyala.
  • Concept notes may be country-specific or multi-country/regional. Within each country geographical priority areas are those identified as particularly affected by the Syrian displacement crisis.


  • Concept notes should respond to the needs of refugees and host communities, as well as IDPs and migrant workers (where relevant) within the same geographical or sectoral areas of intervention. In general, concept notes should target out-of-camp populations (camps defined to be formal refugee/IDP camps in Jordan and Northern Iraq) unless otherwise justified by the applicant in the concept note.
  • Projects should align with national development and response plans, as well as national frameworks, guidelines and policies. Projects are also expected to be closely coordinated with other projects and partners working within the sector, geographical area or partners/institution and demonstrate sufficient capacity for coordination and avoid overlap of engagements.
  • Beneficiary selection and targeting should be clearly justified and explained. For the thematic area B related to protection, vulnerability is a main criterion. For thematic area A where the main objective is sustainable livelihoods, vulnerability might not be prioritised criteria in beneficiary selection. Across the thematic areas RDPP has a focus on supporting women and youth.

Eligibility Criteria

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  • Non-profit organisations who do not act as economic actors in the specific context of the engagement can apply. The applicant/s have to have demonstrated expertise in the sector of operation and the geographical area of intervention.
  • All applicant/s to the concept note including co-applicants need to be registered entities with the relevant national authorities in the country/ies in which the project intends to be implemented.
  • One entity can only submit one concept note per country, whether as a main applicant or co-applicant.

Evaluation Criteria

The submitted concept notes will be evaluated on the basis of the below three points:

  • How the project aligns and contributes to the objectives, intended results and overall description of the thematic areas as outlined in the RDPP II Programme.
  • How the project relates to the specific focus for the thematic area for each of the countries.
  • How the project reflects and integrates one or more of the four cross-cutting engagement principles of the RDPP II.

How to Apply

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The completed concept note template which includes an overview budget and log frame should be submitted by email at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit http://rdpp-me.org/RDPP/news.php?type=news

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