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Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Program (US)

Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Program (US)

Deadline: 27-Jul-22

Applications are now open for the Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Program to support innovative investigator-initiated research that examines the roles of race, ethnicity, nativity, legal status —and their interactions with each other and other social categories—in the social, economic, and political outcomes for immigrants, U.S.-born racial and ethnic minorities, and native-born whites.

The Russell Sage Foundation (RSF) encourages multi-disciplinary perspectives and methods that both strengthen the data, theory, and methods of social science research and improve our understanding of how to foster the ideals of a pluralist society. Proposals may focus on any one or more of the issues—race, and/or ethnicity, and/or immigration.
The kinds of questions that are of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Racial and Ethnic Diversity, Intergroup Relations, and Social Inclusion
Immigration Policy and Immigrant Integration Policies
The Role of Legal Status in Immigrant Outcomes
Social Movements and Responses to Diversity
The Politics of Racial and Ethnic Competition and Coalition Building
Criminal and Civil Justice in Law Enforcement
History, Race, Immigration, and the Law
Funding Information
Trustee Grants are generally capped at $200,000. Presidential Grants are capped at $50,000, but PIs may request up to $75,000 when the proposed research project has special needs for gathering data (eg, qualitative research) or gaining access to restricted-use data, or when the proposal budget includes salary support for multiple assistant professor PIs.

Eligibility Criteria
All applicants (both PIs and Co-PIs) must have a doctorate. In rare circumstances, RSF may consider applications from scholars who do not hold a doctorate but can demonstrate a strong career background that establishes their ability to conduct high-level, peer-reviewed scholarly research. Students may not apply.
RSF particularly encourages early career scholars to apply for Presidential grants or their Pipeline Competition. All nationalities are eligible to apply and applicants do not have to reside in the US, but the focus of the proposed research project must be on the US as per their mission.
For more information, visit https://www.russellsage.org/research/funding/race-ethnicity-immigration

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