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PFAN accepting Proposals for Climate Adaptation and Clean Energy Projects from the Caribbean and Central America

PFAN accepting Proposals for Climate Adaptation and Clean Energy Projects from the Caribbean and Central America


Deadline: 31 May 2019

Do you have a great climate or clean energy project in the region that you think investors should see? If yes, then submit an application to PFAN for a chance to pitch at the Climate & Clean Energy Investment Forum to be held in the region in early 2020.


To highlight the role the private sector, including businesses and investors, can play in climate change adaptation as well as mitigation, PFAN has launched a special Call for Proposals for projects that deliver adaptation-related and climate resilience benefits in low- and middle-income countries.

As clean energy technologies improve and their costs continue to fall, people are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that it is possible to develop commercially viable projects that contribute to climate change mitigation.


Adaptation projects are projects which help reduce the vulnerability of populations, infrastructures, ecosystems, human or natural systems to the current and future impacts of climate change and climate-related risks and which help increase or maintain adaptive capacity and resilience in the targeted regions and countries of project implementation.


Focus Area

The following sectors have been identified and targeted for PFAN intervention in the area of Climate Change Adaptation:

  • Adaptation products and services
  • Tourism
  • Microfinance/-Insurance
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Energy & Access to Energy
  • Health
  • Urban Development
  • Forestry
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Agriculture (upstream and downstream, including agribusiness and processing)

Investment Amount (ASK)

  • For all projects, the investment ask should lie between US$1 million and US$50 million. This may be disbursed in smaller tranches as requested.
  • Only for Energy Access and Rural Electrification Projects (eg. clean cook stoves, solar home systems, mini grids) an exception is made, and the investment ask can lie between US$500 thousand and US$50 million. This too may be disbursed in smaller tranches as requested.

Eligibility Criteria

  • PFAN will accept applications from the Caribbean and Central America.
  • To be eligible for PFAN support, applicants project or business must provide climate change adaptation benefits, or offer or use clean energy technologies, products or services.
  • PFAN is technology neutral, which means they do not prefer any technology over any other.
  • Proposals should demonstrate that the project is commercially and technically viable, and requires no or only minimal grant funding.
  • If applicants project currently receives grant funding or has done so in the past, that does not affect eligibility.

How to Apply

Applicants can submit their application form online via given website.

For more information, visit this link.

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