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Peace Development Fund: Community Organizing Grants Program

Peace Development Fund: Community Organizing Grants Program

Deadline: 6-Jan-23

The Peace Development Fund (PDF) is seeking applications for its Community Organizing Grants Program.

The Community Organizing Grants program contains PDF’s annual grantmaking docket which consists of four grant programs: the Board Docket, PVCAF, The Braiding New Worlds Fund and the De Colores Rapid Response Fund.

The Peace Development Fund is committed to supporting organizations and projects that recognize that peace will never be sustained unless it is based on justice. They understand peace to be a consequence of equitable relationships—with their fellow human beings and with the natural environment of which they are a part and on which they depend.

Funding Information
Board Docket (formal name TBD)
Typical Grant Range: $2,500-$7,500
Braiding New Worlds Fund
Typical Grant Range: $2,500-$5,000
Pioneer Valley Community Advised Fund
Typical Grant Range: $500-$3,000
De Colores Rapid Response Fund
Typical Grant Range: $500-$1,000
What they Fund?
Organizing to Shift Power
Working to Build a Movement
Dismantling Oppression
Creating New Structures
What they Do Not Fund?
Programs with a primary geographic focus outside of the United States, U.S. Territories, Mexico and Haiti. If an organization is U.S.-based but works mostly outside of these areas, it should consider filling out an LOI for a Donor Advised Fund grant, which are reviewed on a rolling basis.
Organizations not directly engaged in community organizing.
Social services that are not linked to a clear organizing strategy.
Individuals, or organizations with strong leadership from only one individual.
Conferences, trainings, and other one-time events.
Audio-visual productions and distribution – TV, radio, publications, films, etc. (PDF does fund media work or audio-visual production as part of the general expenses of groups engaged in grassroots organizing).
Research that is not directly linked to an organizing strategy (PDF does fund research as part of the general expenses of groups engaged in grassroots organizing).
Academic institutions and scholarships.
Other grantmaking organizations (unless they are your fiscal sponsor).
Organizations with budgets larger than $250,000.
Lobbying activities.
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