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PDS Media Small Grants Program (Kyrgyzstan)

PDS Media Small Grants Program (Kyrgyzstan)

Deadline: 28-Jun-2024

The U.S. Embassy Bishkek Public Diplomacy Section (PDS) of the U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce funding is available through the Embassy’s Media Small Grants Program to support professional journalism and strengthen the capacity of media organizations, journalists, and content creators in the Kyrgyz Republic to produce high quality and locally relevant media content.

This program supports the development of the Kyrgyz Republic’s media and its role in society by competitively awarding small grants to Kyrgyz non‐profit, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and associations working in the media sector, independent media organizations, registered media entrepreneurs, and to individual journalists and content creators producing journalistic content for online platforms. Awards will be made pending the availability of funds.

The Media Small Grants Program advances the U.S. Embassy goal of supporting a more inclusive and accountable democracy.  It seeks to increase journalistic professionalism, expand the capabilities of independent media, and promoted access to information.  The intended result is increased production of balanced, locally relevant, diverse, and high‐quality media products.

Project Objectives 
  • Project proposals may address one or more of these objectives, or other objectives within the policy priorities:
    • Increase access to fact‐based, objective information about topics of public interest, such as health, education, the economy, etc.
    • Combat misinformation and propaganda through the promotion of fact‐based reporting, fact‐checking, and investigative journalism.
    • Improve skills and knowledge related to fact‐checking and investigative journalism among Kyrgyz media organizations, journalists, and content creators through training workshops and mentorship.
    • Increase the technical capacity of journalism students, practicing journalists, media professionals, or content creators through practical, hands‐on training in graphic design, photography, video production, and integrating new and emerging technologies, such as generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).
    • Create partnerships between independent media organizations and university journalism programs and their faculty to foster professional media skills development and internship opportunities.
    • Foster transparency and communication between media, government, and constituents.
    • Facilitate dialogues and forums between media representatives, government officials and the general public to solicit feedback and identify areas for improvement in media transparency.
Funding Information
  • Estimated Award Ceiling: $50,000
  • Estimated Award Floor: $10,000
  • Length of Project Period: 9‐12 months
Prior Activities
  • Prior activities through this program have included support for projects that:
    • Produced quality journalism and educated journalists on best practices, including investigative work on key issues.
    • Educated the public on safe social media use for children by partnering with social media influencers and bloggers.
    • Supported the ability of government relations officials to effectively communicate with constituents.
    • Produced journalistic content that highlights women’s leadership in the regions.
    • Number of Awards Anticipated: 2‐4 awards (Pending availability of funds)
Project Audiences 
  • General public
  • Media entities, both traditional and online media
  • Media managers and professionals
  • Individual journalists
  • Content creators engaged on issues such as climate change, air pollution, environmental protection, education, human rights, and civic activism.
  • Local government bodies
  • University journalism students, faculty, and administrators
Eligibility Criteria
  • The Media Small Grants Program supports the development of the Kyrgyz Republic’s media institutions by competitively awarding small grants to:
    • Kyrgyz Republic‐registered non‐profit, non‐governmental organizations (NGOs) and associations working in media‐related areas;
    • Kyrgyz Republic‐registered independent media organizations and companies; and
    • Kyrgyzstani journalists and content creators producing journalistic content for online platforms.
  • State bodies are encouraged to work with eligible NGOs, independent media organizations, and individuals to submit applications. American or other third country organizations are not eligible for grants under this program.

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