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Paul Hamlyn Foundation Arts Fund (United Kingdom)

Paul Hamlyn Foundation Arts Fund (United Kingdom)

Deadline: 31-May-24

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is pleased to announce the Arts fund to support a portfolio of organisations to develop, learn from each other and (further) explore the potential of art for personal, cultural and social transformation.


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Together, they want to:

  • build capacity and resources for culture within historically underfunded communities.
  • explore the role that artists can play in addressing issues of social justice.
  • create the infrastructure for a more equitable cultural sector.

They are looking to work with organisations for whom these aspirations are central to their vision and mission. The Arts Fund supports the long-term development and transformation of these organisations as a route towards social justice and sustainability.

Funding Information
  • Amount: £90,000 to £300,000 per application
  • Duration: 3 years
  • They will fund up to 50% of an organisation’s annual turnover over three years, based on their last audited accounts.
Who they want to support?
  • They want to support cultural organisations who:
    • use their creative practice to help us engage with the complexity of the world around them.
    • centre the lived experience of those affected by injustice in their programmes, leadership and governance.
    • are exploring how values of care, equity and justice can be embedded in their own organisational culture.
    • have a clear sense of their own role in supporting change as part of a wider ecosystem.
    • are generous with their learning and working with other organisations towards mutual aims.
    • use their creative practice to challenge traditional cultural hierarchies of genre and art form.
What they will fund?
  • This fund is focused on supporting organisations to become more sustainable and to deepen the impact of the work. This can include support for specific posts, skills development, underpinning of the strategy or business model and for project delivery which is central to your organisation’s mission and vision.
  • When assessing applications, they will consider how organisations have been impacted by systemic inequities, such as (but not limited to) racial inequity, socio-economic disadvantage, having disabilities, living in isolated rural communities or experience of the immigration system. We will prioritise applications which are actively anti-racist and intersectional in their approach.
What they will not fund?
  • Work that is focused on entry-level employment pathways.
  • Work which aims primarily to deliver targeted health, wellbeing, educational or public health outcomes.
  • Academic research programmes.
  • Organisations who work primarily in formal education settings.
  • Newly registered organisations that have yet to produce independently audited or examined accounts.
  • Individuals.
  • Capital projects and equipment purchase.
Eligibility Criteria
  • They fund organisations working all over the UK.

For more information, visit Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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