Passerelles Numeriques recruits 01 Oral communication trainer

Passerelles Numeriques recruits 01 Oral communication trainer


Passerelles numériques (PN), a non-profit organization, is dedicated to enabling highly disadvantaged youths, through their abilities and their commitment, to access education and technical and vocational training in the sector of Information Technology. We work to build strong employability which will allow them and their families to sustainably escape poverty and contribute to the social and economic development of their countries.
Established in Cambodia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, Passerelles numériques currently trains 342 students and employs 102 people based in these three countries including a small team in France.
Passerelles numériques relies on the financial and skills sponsorship of several corporate partners such as Accenture, Econocom, Microsoft, and Société Générale, and also receives support from individual donors.
In the Philippines, Passerelles numériques started its mission in 2009 with a training center based in Cebu in the central region of the Visayas. PN Philippines offers a two years and a half vocational training program for young people in precarious situations.


The pre-training, which occurs during the six weeks preceding the scholars’ core training at the university, aims to prepare the students for university life by introducing skills and techniques for learning. In addition, since the scholars are selected from different localities with disparate standards in education, the pre-training also aims to level off the scholars’ knowledge and skills in Communication, English, Math, and Computers, so that no scholar may be left behind when they begin their core training.
The Communication class, in particular, is intended to teach communication strategies and skills to scholars especially as regards to communication in the academic and professional environment. Ideally, the class should include communication styles, writing and conversational skills, group communication, and problem areas in communication.
Emphasis should also be given to skills such as public speaking, persuasion and debating, which are necessary in the workplace but are not always instilled in the basic education program.
The Communication class is a new addition to the suite of pre-training classes given to scholars, as such, in addition to delivering the pre-training sessions on Communication, the volunteer will also have to design the module and formulate the course materials in collaboration with the IT and Training Team.
Lastly, as the scholars have been selected from various social backgrounds which are often precarious in nature, the volunteer is also encouraged to engage in cultural exchange, share experiences, and bolster the confidence of the scholars as they begin their intensive training at the university.

Before the Mission
● To collaborate with the IT & Training team on the content of the Pre-training modules
● To take the time to prepare his/her classes, and give feedback to improve the training dynamics with the students

During the Mission
● To prepare and deliver the classes every day with other volunteers and local staff
● To constantly update the PN staff, especially the Training and Education team, of the students’ performance, attendance, motivation, and behavior which will eventually be one of the bases for creating new and balanced groups for their university training
● To engage in cultural exchange and be a supportive and guiding professional figure to students who have been out of school for some time and come from economically disadvantaged and/or dysfunctional families


● Knowledgeable in communication skills and styles (verbal, non-verbal, written, etc.)
● Resourceful in group dynamic activities and engagement
● Strong interest in education and working with young adults
● Previous teaching experience is an advantage
● Strong oral and written communication skills in English

● Strong capacity to adapt to a different culture and to a different working environment
● Able to teach with patience and adapt to the learning capacity of each student

Ville Cebu
Experience 0 à 3 ans
Fonctions Formation
Secteurs d’activité Education / Formation
Pays Asie, Philippines
Date de fin de validité 31/05/2019

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