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Open Call for the International Strategic Plan for Performing Arts (Chile)

Open Call for the International Strategic Plan for Performing Arts (Chile)

Deadline: 17-Feb-23

The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, through its Executive Secretariat for Performing Arts, opens the call for the International Strategic Plan for Performing Arts.

  • The objective of the call is the total or partial financing of a project that contains a Strategic Plan for the internationalization of Performing Arts that allows promoting and strengthening the performing arts sector, through the active participation of the agents of the disciplines that make up the Performing Arts Act.
  • Through the call, it seeks:
    • Diagnose the state of international mobility of the different disciplines; theater, dance, opera, circus, puppets and oral and interdisciplinary storytelling (crossing between 2 or more disciplines).
    • Develop a participatory methodology with the sector and representatives of the different disciplines, strategic agents and those of interest for internationalization, which allows the design of a strategic internationalization plan according to the state of the performing arts.
    • Establish lines of strategic actions that allow increasing associativity, collaboration and international competitiveness, generating greater export opportunities for agents in the sector.
    • Generate recommendations that allow the consolidation of efficient and sustainable cooperation and internationalization policies over time.
Funding Information
  • They have a total estimated budget of $20,000,000. (twenty million Chilean pesos), corresponding to the year 2023, for the total financing of a single project selected in this call, resources that are subject to budgetary availability, since the budget law for that year has not yet been approved.
  • Duration: Your project must begin its execution in the year 2023, starting in April within a maximum period of 7 months according to what you indicate in your schedule and what is established in the respective Execution Agreement that you will sign in case that you be selected.
Eligibility Criteria
  • They may apply for this call:
    • Natural Persons: Of Chilean or foreign nationality with an identity card issued by the Chilean Civil Registry and Identification Service, who are over 18 years of age.
  • Legal persons:
    • Chilean public or private law, with or without profit. De facto companies are expressly excluded.
    • The following people may not apply or be part of your project:
      • The authorities of the Ministry and the workers of the Undersecretariat of the:
        • Cultures and the Arts and of the Regional Ministerial Secretariats of Cultures, Arts and Heritage. In the same way, the workers of the Undersecretariat for Cultures and the Arts and the Regional Ministerial Secretariats for Cultures, Arts and Heritage hired under the fee regime are incompatible to apply, as long as their contracts to fees prohibit their participation in public calls.
        • People who carry out the work of members of the Commission of Specialists of this Line.
  • In addition, when applying, you must check that:
    • As a person in charge, you are the type of person who can apply.
    • Your project complies with the duration conditions set forth in the bases.
    • The Fund you have chosen is relevant to the application you submitted.
    • If you applied materially, you have complied with the formalities set forth in these bases.
    • You have sent your application within the period established in the bases.
    • You have accompanied or completely filled out the FUP.
    • You have requested a single and exact amount of $20,000,000.

For more information, visit Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage.

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